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Phulkas Dry Chapati

1.godi hittu (wheat flour)-2 cups (heaped)
2.water-enough to mix hittu
mix godi hittu,salt,ghee in a bowl

1.add water gradually to knead flour
2.keep for some time
3.roll out into chappatis
4.heat tawa put chappati
5.when small bubbles appear turn over immediately
6.keep for few mins on tava
7.turn over to direct flame
8.when it puffs up like puris remove and apply little ghee on one side and fold.


1.godi hittu(wheat flour)-2 cups(heaped)
2.ghee or oil -3tblsp
3.salt-1 tsp
4.warm water-1 1/2 cup
oil-for frying

mix godi hittu,salt,ghee in a basin(bowl) add water little by little knead well to a smooth dough

1.keep for 10 mins. make even sized balls
2.roll out into thin chappathis using flour
3.heat tava
4.put chapati on tava,smear little oil turn over smear oil again on other side also
5.cook till brown on both sides.remove

roomali roti

1.maida-250 gms
2.salt-1 tsp
3.milk-1 cup
4.curd yeast-3 tblsp
curd yeast
1.water-2 tblsp
2.curds-2 tblsp .warm it and take out.
3.add 1/2 tsp sugar,a pinch of cooking soda,maida-2 tblsp,,mix well and keep aside for 8 hours.
1.make a dough,knead well for 1/2 hour to 1 hour.
2.keep aside for 4 hours.
3.prepare rotis.


1.maida-2 cups
2.warm milk-1/4 cup
3.curd-2 tblsp
4.sugar-1 tsp
5.salt -1 tsp soda-1 tsp
7.butter or oil-4 tsps
8.finely cut corriander leaves
9.white til-3 tblsps
1.mix maida,sugar,salt,soda oil in a bowl
2.add curd,milk ,mix well into a soft dough
3.keep closed for 4 to 5 hrs
1.make even sized balls
2.roll into a thick circle
3.sprinkle finely cut corriander leaves,sprinkle til over the roti
4.fry on a hot tava ,on both sides serve hot.
2.dry yeast-1 tsp
3.sugar-1 tsp
4.oil-1 tblsp
1.prepare yeast and keep aside to rise for 10 to 20 minutes.
2.take maida,add oil,salt,yeast make a stiff dough.
3.keep aside under wet cloth to rise for 3 to 4 hours in winter or rainy season and in summer for 1 hour.
4.prepare naan.
1.melt ghee with 2 tsp kalonji(onion seeds).apply on hot naan.
Yeast preparation
1.take 2 tblsp warm water,add 1 tsp sugar,add 1 tsp yeast and 1 or 2 tblsp maida.keep for 10 minutes.keep closed for 10 minutes with a lid.


1.maida-250gms(2 cups)
2.curd yeast-3 tblsp
3.luke warm water as required
4.salt-1/2 tsp
5.oil-1 tblsp
1.prepare yeast and keep aside to rise for 10 to 20 minutes
2.take maida,add oil,salt,yeast make soft dough
3.keep aside under wet cloth for 4 hours
4.make kulchas.
variation- the dough add 2 grated carrot,2 tblsp corriander leaves,amul cheese -2 cubes,red chilli powder a little,pepper powder a little.
Yeast preparation
1.take 2 tblspwarm water,add 1 tsp sugar,add 1 tsp yeast and 1 or 2 tblsp maida.keep for 10 minutes,closed with a lid.


1.maida-500 gms
2.corn flour-1 cup
3.soda or baking powder-1/2 tsp
4.salt-1 tsp
5.milk-1 cup
6.curd-1/2 cup
7.sugar-1 tsp
8.oil for frying
1.mix maida,corn flour,salt,sugar,soda in a broad basin,
2.add curd,milk,knead to a smooth dough like "poori"dough
3.keep for 1 hour
4.roll like pooris,deep fry in hot oil
2nd method
1.maida-2 cups
2.thick curds-1/2 cup
3.milk-1/4 cup soda-1 tsp
5.oil-2 tsps for the dough
6.salt-to taste
7.oil for frying
1.mix maida,salt,soda ,oil in a mixing bowl
2.pour curds,milk ,knead to a smooth dough
3.keep for 1 to 2 hours
4.roll out like pooris
5.deep fry in hot oil

Menthya Soppu Poori

1.menthya soppu(only leaves)-2 bunches
2.wheat flour-2 cups
3.salt-to taste
4.jeera powder-1 tsp
5.dhania powder-1 tsp
6.garam masala powder-1 tsp chilli powder-1 tsp
8.turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
9.oil for frying
1.wash ,chop the leaves finely
2.mix leaves,wheat flour,salt,jeera,dhania,red chilli,garam masala,turmeric powders
3.knead to a smooth stiff dough
4.roll out into pooris,deep fry in hot oil


1.godi hittu-2 1/2 cups
2.maida-1/2 cups
3.salt-1 tsp
4.ghee or oil-3 tsp
oil for frying

mix maida,godi hittu,salt ghee,in a bowl gradually add water ,knead to a soft dough

1.keep for some time
2.make small balls and roll out into small puris(small circles)
3.deep fry in hot oil in medium flame till golden brown on both sides.remove .on a colander.

Gobi Paratha

ingredients for stuffing
1.cauli flower(gobi)-1 small one
2.onion-1 or 2
3.finely cut coriander and curry leaves
4.salt to taste
5.garam masala powder-1/2 tsp chilli powder-1/2 tsp
7.dhania powder-1 tsp
8.jeera powder-1 tsp
9.haldi powder-1 tsp
10.butter or oil-2 tblsp
1.wash gobi ,and soak in salted luke warm water for some time
2.clean and grate it
3.chop onions finely
4.heat oil add onions,fry ,add grated gobi,fry in high flame till raw smell goes
5.mix all powders fry for a mintue add coriander and curry leaves
7.make parathas ,same way as in alu parathas

Vegetable Paratha

ingredients for stuffing
beans-3 to 4
peas-1/4 cup
rest of the procedure is same as in alu paratha

Alu Paratha

1.alu(potatoes)-4 to 5 chilles-6to 7
3.jeera-1/2 tsp
4.ginger- garlic paste-1/2 tsp
5.garam masala powder-1/2 tsp
6.onions-2 to 3
7.finelly cut coriander and curry leaves-3 tblsp chilli powder-1 tsp
9.haldi powder-1 tsp
10.oil-for frying
11.salt-to taste
ingredients for making dough
1.wheat flour-2 cups
2.maida-1/4 cup
3.butter or oil-1 tblsp
4.salt to taste
++ method

1.mix both the flours together in a basin,add salt,oilor butter,mix well
2.add water and knead to a smooth dough
3.keep for some time
for the stuffing
1.cook alu,peel and mash or grate it
2.heat oil add jeera,green chilles ,add ginger garlic paste,onions fry for a minute
3.add turmeric powder,garam masala powder,red chilli powder,fry for a minute
4.add coriander and curry leaves
5.let the mixture to cool completly
method for making parathas
1.make medium sized balls from the dough
2.flatten the ball,and keep a tablespoon of filling inside and close and seal well all around
3.roll out into thick paraths
heat tava,fry the paraths using oil for both the sides
serve hot

2nd method for making parathas
1.take one ball from the dough,roll out into thin paratha,make another one of the same size a tblsp of filling on the middle of one paratha,spread it leaving 1/4 "gap all around
3.keep another paratha on top,using little water carefully seal both the chappathis all around
4.sprinkle flour and roll again into big parartha care fully
5.fry on hot tava adding oil

Akki Jeera Menasu Rotti

1.rice powder-2 cups
2.jeera-2 tsps pepper powder-1 tsp
4.coconut shreded-1/2 cup
5.salt-to taste
6.water-1 cup
1.boil water,
2.mix rice powder,jeera,pepper powder,salt,coconut,
3.add boiled water to the above mix,mix well,knead to a soft dough ,spread the rotti on a tava,add oil around the rotti,fry and serve with chutney

KaaL Akki Rotti

1.rice flour-2 cups
2.jeera-2 tsp pepper powder-1 tsp
4.coconut-1 cup
5.salt to taste
6.water-1 cup chilles-2 finely cut
8.corriander leaves-few
avare kallu-1 cup
alasandae kallu

1.boil the kallu in pressure cooker
2.mix rice powder,jeera,pepper powder,green chilles,corriander leaves,coconut,salt in broad bowl
3.mix well with hand
4.add kallu & mix. add boiled water over rice flour mix
6.knead well to soft dough
7.grease tawa
8.take a handfull of hittu spread over tawa
9.put oil around rotti cover & fry on one side
10.when done take out carefully

Maize Roti

1.maize flour-1 cup
2.maida or wheat flour-1 cup
3.salt-1 tsp
4.warm water -to mix the dough
5.oil-for frying
1.mix maize,maida,salt together in a mixing bowl
2.add water ,knead to a soft dough
3.make balls and roll into thin rotis
4.fry on hot tava on both sides

Methi Roti

1.godi hittu(wheat flour)-2 cups
2.rice flour-2 tblsp
3.methi leaves-2bunch(chop leaves only)
4.salt -1/2 tsp or to taste.
5.haldi powder(turmeric) -1 tsp chille paste-t tblsp or 4 green chilles
7.oil-1 tblsp chilli powder-1 tsp
9.garam masala powder-1 tsp
10.cumin (jeera ) powder-1/2 tblsp
1.mix all the ingredients in a broad bowl
2.sprinkle enough water and knead to a smooth dough
3.keep the dough covered for 30 minutes.
4.roll out into chapathis
5.fry on a hot tava using oil on both the sides.
2.mixed leaves.

Ragi Rotti

1.ragi flour-1 cup
2.onion-1(finely cut) chilles-3(finely cut)
4.finely cut curry ,corriander leaves-2 tblsp
5.warm water-for mixing the dough
6.salt-1/2 tsp
7.oil-2 tsps(for dough)
1.oil- for frying
1.mix ragi flour,salt,oil,onions,green chilles,curry ,corriander leaves in a broad basin,mix well with hand
2.add water to knead the dough keep for sometime
3.take a handfull of dough spread on a greased tava,add oil around,fry well closing a lid
4.serve hot with chutney

Akki rotti

1.akki hittu(rice powder)-2 cups
2.coconut-1/2 cup
3.jeerigae-1 tblsp
4.onion finely cut-1/2 cup
5.(optional-finely cut vegetables,soppusigae soppu, mentya soppu,grated carrot or mulangi)
6.white til (ellu)-1/2 tsp
7.curry leaves,corriander leaves,-few
8.salt to taste chilles-2 finely cut
1.mix all the ingredients with water knead to a soft dough.
2.grease tava,spread hittu on the tava as thin as possible.
3.make holes here & there put little oil on the holes and around rotti
4.keep on the gas.close the lid fry in medium flame
5.when rotti becomes crisp carefully take it from the pan not turn over
7.serve with chutney
wash the pan from back side under flowing water before making next rotti

Mavina Kayi Chutney

1.huli(sour)mavinakayi-1 chilles-10to 15
3.grated coconut-1/2 cup
4.menthya seeds-1 tblsp
5.hing-1 tsp
6.salt-1 tsp
7.haldi(turmeric)-1 pinch
1.oil-2 tblsp
2.sasivae-1 tsp
3.curry leaves-few
1.fry red chilles,menthya seeds till brown
2.mix all the other ingredients grind in a mixy without adding water
3.heat oil in a kadai,add sasivae,curry leaves,hing,ground paste fry till oil comes out or can use as it is ground


1.coconut-1 cup
2.kadale belle(channa dhal)-2 tsp
3.uddina belle(urad dhal)-1 tsp or green chilles-7 to 8
5.hing-1 pinch
6.curry leaves-1 handfull
7.tamarind-1 lemon size
8.salt to taste
1.oil-2 tsp
2.sasivae-1 tsp
3.menthya-1/2 tsp
1.heat 1 tsp of oil in a kadai ,add kadale belle,uddina belle,chille,hing,curry leaves,tamarind,coconut fry well cool it
2.add salt ,grind it coarsely
3.add the seasoning
you can do the same chutney adding 1 handfull fried herae kayi sippeor herae kayi itself

Cabbage Chutney

1.cabbage-1 cup(grated)
2.coconut-1 cup
3.tamarind-1 small piece
4.hing(asafoteda)-1 pinch chilles-3 to 5
6.corriander leaves-handfull
7.ginger -small piece
8.salt to taste
oil -2 tsp
sasivae-1 tsp

1.fry cabbage in a kadai
2.add all the other ingredients grind in a mixy coarsely
3.pour the seasoning over chutney
1.heerae kayi sippe
2.padavala kayi
3.cucumber sippe

Pudina Chutney 2nd Type

1.coconut-1/2 cup
2.pudina leaves-1cup
3.corriander leaves-1cup chiiles-7
5.tamarind-1/2 lemon
1.grind all the ingredients
2.give oggarane with ghee adding sasivae ,hing

Pudina chutney(1 type)

1.pudina leaves-hand ful or 1 small bunch
2.onion-1 chilles-2
4.cumin powder-1tsp
5.corriander powder-1tsp
6.garam masala-1 tsp
7.salt to taste
1.grind all the ingredients
2.add some lemon juice (1to 2 tsp)
3.give oggarane by heating ghee in a spoon adding sasivae hing.

Coconut (Kaai) chutney

2.corriander leaves-1cup
3.curry leaves-few chiiles-4 to 5
5.tamarind-1/4 lemon size
6.hurigadale-2 tblsp
7.salt to taste
1.ghee or oil-2 tsp
4.hing-a pinch
1.grind all the ingredients
2.heat ghee in a oggarane spoon add sasivae menthya hing
3.pour over chutney

Onion Chutney

1.onions-medium-4 chilles-7
3.tamarind -1 small piece
4.jaggery-1 tsp
5.salt to taste
1.oil-3 tblsp
2.sasivae-1 tsp
3.hing-1 tsp
4.curry leaves- few
5.haldi-1 tsp
1.grind all ingredients to a rough paste a kadai heat oil ,add the seasonings,
3.add the ground mixture fry till oil comes to the surface on low fire


1.rice powder-1 cup(can add 1 hand full of maida ,if nedded)
2.water-1 1/2 cup
3.salt-1 tsp
1.boil water in a kadai,add salt,add rice powder,boil for 1/2 hour in slow flame.take out from flame
2.knead well.make into ablong balls
1.keep in a pressure cooker ,in idli plates or patre
2.pressure cook for 15 mins press in "shavigae oralu"when its hot it can prepare as chitranna type,puliogare type with shavigae
3.can eat plain or with "gas gase payasa"

Ragi Muddae

1.ragi hittu(ragi flour)-1 cup
2.water-3 cups
3.salt-2 tsp
4.pure ghee-2 tsp
5.akki hittu(rice flour)-2 handfull
1.mix rice flour with water to make into a "ganji" consistency the above ganji,add salt,ghee.let it boil
3.add ragi hittu like "gopura",let it boil for 15 minutes
4.then stir with a spoon or "wooden laddle".
5.make into small balls and serve with "soppina huli"

Mosaru Avvalakki

1.avvalakki-1 cup
2.majjigae-(curd mixed with water-1/2-1/2)
3.salt-1 tsp
4.coconut-1/2 cup
5.curry leaves-few
6.corriander leaves-few
ginger-1/2 tsp grated

green chilles-3

1.ghee-2 tsp
2.sasivae-1/2 tsp
3.jeera-1/2 tsp
4.kadale belle-1 tsp
5.uddina belle-1 tsp
1.wash avvalakki
2.soak in majjigae adding salt
3.mix coconut,ginger,curry leaves/corriander leaves
4.season it mix well and serve

Sihi Avallakki

1.avallakki-2 cups
2.fresh grated coconut-1/2 holu
3.sugar or jaggery-1 cup
4.ellakki powder-1 tsp
5.ghee- 1 tsp
1.wash and soak avallakki,squeeze dry.
2.add rest of the ingredients and mix well


1.gatti avallaki-2 cups-powder in mixy (not fine)(coarse)
1.tamarind soaked in water-2 nimbu size
2.bella-2 nimbu size
3.menasina pudi(saru pudi)-2 tblsp
4.salt-2 to 3 tsp
5.haldi-1/2 tsp
1.oil-3 tblsp
3.jeera-1 tsp
4.kadalle belle-1 tblsp
5.uddina belle-1 tblsp
6.kadale kayi bija(ground nuts)-2 tblsp chilles-3
8.turmeric powder-a pinch
9.curry leaves-few
kobbari-2 tblsp

1.squeeze tamarind juice add 4 cups of water that tamarind juice,add bellapowdered, haldi, salt, saru pudi
3.mix well add avallakki
4.cover and keep for some time
5.then pour seasoning over that avallakki
6.add kobbari grated.
7.mix well with hand and serve


1.avalakki-1 cup
2.coconut-1/4 cup chilles-3 to 4-finely cut
4.curry leaves-few
6.lemon juice-1 tblsp
1.oil -2 to 3 tblsp
2.sasivae-1 tsp
4.kadale belle-1 tblsp
5.uddina belle-1tblsp
1.wash avallaki and soak avallaki (just cover with water) or squeeze dry. a kadai heat oil ,add seasoning,when stops spluttering add green chilles fry for a min
3.add curry leaves , avallaki,coconut salt and sugar. mix on low flame
4.add lemon juice ,mix well
can add finely cut onions and fry with seasonings

can also add finely cut carrot,beans,capsicum,aloo,etc.

Rava Dosa

1.rice powder-2 cups
2.chiroti rava-(fine rava)-1 cup
3.maida-1/4 cup
4.salt-2 tsps soda-1/2 tsp
6.finely cut onions-1/2 cup
7.finely cut green chilles-1 tblsp
8.jeerigae-1 tsp
9.corriander leaves-1 tblsp(finely cut)
10.sour curd-2 to 3 tblsp(optional)
11.ginger grated-1 tsp pepper powder-1 tsp
13.yellu-1 tblsp
1.mix all the ingredients with water and make a batter without forming lumps
2.keep aside for 1 hour
3.dilute the batter by adding more water a heavy "tava"on fire
1.pour a laddle full of batter in circular motion and also fill the center with batter
2.add oil around
1.fry till golden brown
2.serve with coconut chutney
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Kayi Dosae

1.raw rice -1 cup
2.grated fresh coconut-1 cup soda-1/4 tsp
4.salt to taste
1.soak rice in water for 3 hours(or can soak in the night it self)
2.grind with coconut to a smooth paste,add salt ,and soda
3.batter should be little watery
prepare dosas immediiiately after grinding,

Ragi Dosae

1.ragi-2 cups
2.wheat-2 cups
3.urad dhal-1/2 cup
4.mentya seeds-2 tsp
1.mix all together and mill it to a fine flour
2.mix flour with sufficient water and keep for 1/2 an hour
3.add salt,chopped onions,finely cut green chilles. or paste ,corriander ,curry leaves
4.heat a "tava" pour like dosa,fry adding oil
1.ragi-1 cup
2.raw rice-1 cup
3.urad dhal-1/4 cup
1.soak all the ingredients in water for 3 to 4 hours,grind to a smooth paste
2.add salt mix well
3.ferment over night.
4.spread like dosas fry till crisp adding oil

Adae Dosae

1.raw rice-2 cups
2.togari belle-1/2 cup
3.urad dhal-1/4 cup pepper corns-2 tsp
5.jeera-1 tsp chilles-8
7.hing-1/2 tsp
8.grated coconut-1/2 cup
1.soak all the ingredients except coconut and hing in water for 3 hours
2.grind to a smooth paste now add hing ,coconut again grind it for a while
3.add salt mix well
4.heat a "tava" spread a laddle fullof batter into round circle add oil around the dosae
6.serve with chutney
1.can mix finely cut corriander leaves or nuggae soppu,curry leaves to the batter
2.if the batter is left for the next day can add finely cut onions,grated ginger,green chilles


1.raw rice-1 cup
2.boiled rice-1 cup
3.urad dhal-1/4 cup
4.menthya seeds-1 tsp
5.thuar dhal(togari belle)-2 tblsp
1.soak all the ingredients together in water for 5 hours
2.grind to a smooth paste
3.add salt mix well
4.allow to ferment over night day,add little water if needed(it should be like idli consistency)
2.heat a "tava"spread a laddle full of batter into thick round circle
3.add oil around the dosa,fry on both the sides
4.serve with chutney,and onion sambar+
1.onion oothappa-
sprinkle finely cut onions,corrinder leaves, green chilles on top of oothappa
2.carrot oothappa
sprinkle grated carrot,finely cut onions,tomatoes, green chilles,corriander leaves on top of oothappa
can also spread finely cut vegetables on oothappa

Set Dosa

1.raw rice-21/2 cups
2.boiled rice-1 cup
3.uddina belle(black gram)-3/4 cup
4.menthya seeds-2 tsps soda-1/4 tsp
6.salt to taste
1.soak rice,dhal,menthya seeds together for 6 hours
2.grind to a smooth paste
3.add salt .ferment over night day morning add soda
5.mix well and pour dosa like otthapam(thick)
6.fry both sides with oil
next day before making dosa can add 1- handfull each of maida and rice powder to the batter and keep for 2 hours

Masala Dose

1.rice-4 cups or 2 cup
2.uddina belle-1 cup or 3/4 cup
3.kadale belle-1/4 cup or togari belle-1/4 cup
4.avallakki-2 tblsp
5.menthya kalu-3 tblsp or 1 tsp
1.soak all the ingredients for 5 to 6 hrs in water
2.grind to a fine paste
3.add salt keep over night for fermentation
4.make the batter to dosa consistency adding water
5.make dosas by spreading a laddle full of batter on a "tava"
6.make aloo onion palya
7.on the dosa spread chutney spread palya
for hotel masala dose
+ soak

1.rice-1 cup(heaped)
2.avallakki-1/4 cup
3.uddina belle-1 tblsp
4.menthya seeds-1/2 tsp
5.togari belle-1 tblsp
soak all the ingredients in water for 4 hrs

1.grind every thing to a smooth paste add salt mix well
2.allow it to ferment over night day morning add 1 1/2 tblsp fine rawa
4.keep for 1 hr & spread dosas on a tava.

Nuchhina Oonde

1.togari belle-1cup
2.hesaru belle-1 cup
3.coconut-1 cup chilles-4 to 5-finely cut
5.curry leaves-few
6.corriander leaves-few
8.nimbu rasa-1 tblsp
9.salt to taste
ginger grated-1 tsp

1.soak both the belles for 1 hour
2.drain off water
3.grind belles along with green chilles coarsely
4.add salt ,coconut, curry &corriander leaves
5.add hing add ginger grated mix well
6.make oonde and pressure cook like idlis
can add boiled peas,avare kallu,onion,carrot


1.hesaru kaaLu,-1cup
2.oil-1 tblsp
3.sasivae-1/2 tsp
4.curry leaves-few
5.coconut-2 tblsp chilles-3
7.hing- 1/4 tsp
9.nimbu rasa-1 tblsp
1.boil kaaLu in cooker
2.grind coconut & green chilles a kadai heat oil add sasivae,hing,curry leaves
4.add ground masala & salt. fry for a min
5.add boiled kaaLu fry well
6.add nimbu rasa mix well
same method for

1.kadale kaaLu
2.avare kaaLu beans
4.hasi kadale
alasande kalu

if water is excess drain water

Semae Akki Uppittu

seamae akki(sago)-1 cup

1.onions-3 (finely cut)
2.water-1 1/4cup
3.lemon-1 chilles-5 to 6
5.salt-2 tsp
6.sugar-1 tsp
coconut grated-1/2 cup

#oil 2 to 3 tsp

1.sasivae-1 tsp
2.kadale belle-1 tblsp
3.uddina belle-1 tblsp
4.curry leaves-few
5.turmeric powder-1 pinch
1.soaksemae akki overnight in water
2.heat oil in a kadai,add the seasonings
3.then add onions,chilles,curry leaves
4.then add soaked semae akki along with water
5.keep stirring as its sticks to kadai,
6.when its soft(cooked)add salt,coconut,lemon juice,corriander leaves
7.serve hot

Bread Uppittu

1.bread-1 loaf
2.onions-5 to 6 chilles-7 to 8
4.coconut grated-1/2 cup
6.water-1 to 11/4 cup
7.salt to taste
8.sugar-1 tsp
9.turmeric powder-1 tsp
10.oil-5 to 6 tblsp
11.curry and corriander leaves-few
1.sasivae(mustard )-1 tsp
2.jeera-1/2 tsp
3.kadale belle(bengal gram dhal)-1 tblsp
4.uddina belle(black gram dhal)-1tblsp
1.cut bread into small pieces
2.chop onions and green chilles into length wise
3.heat oil in a kadai,add the seasonings ,one by one
4.then add chilles and onions,turmeric powder,curry leaves.fry for a while
5.pour water,add salt,sugar ,
6.when the water starts boiling add bread pieces,coconut,in a medium flame till it becomes hot
7.add corriander leaves and lemon juice
serve hot

Vermicelli Uppitu

1.vermicelli-2 cups
2.onions-2 chilles-6 to 7
4.haldi-1/2 tsp
5.ghee-2 tsp
6.carrot -2
9.peas-3 tblsp
11.beans-2 tblsp
13.lemon -1 big
14.coconut-3 tblsp
1.sasivae- 1/2 tsp
2.jeerigae-1/4 tsp
3.kadale belle-2 tsp
4.uddina belle- 1tsp
5.curry leaves
6.corriander leaves
1.fry vermicelli in ghee till golden brown
2.heat 8 to 10 cups of water add a pinch of salt & oil
3.when its start boiling add vermicelli cook till its done
4.drain off water a kadai heat oil add oggarane one by one when its done add vegetables
6.fry well & add cooked vermicelli. Fry for a while
7.add lemon juice & coconut
add corriander leaves

AvarekaL upittu

1.avarekalu -1cup
2.coconut-1/2 cup
3.uppitu rava or rice rava-1cup
4.oil-3to4 tblsp
3.1tblsp-kadalae belle,uddina belle
4.curry leaves-few chiilies-4 to 5
6.lemon juice-2 tblsp
7.pepper powder-1 tsp
1.boil avarekalu in pressure cooker.
2.fry rava in a medium flame till it turns slightly brown. a kadai heat oil add sasive,jeerigae,kadale belle, uddina belle,green chilles,pepper powder,curry leaves.
4.Sim gas and add 3 to 4 cups of water, salt & sugar to taste.
5.add boiled avarekalu.let it boil then add rava
6.close the lid let it be in slow flame.
7.after rava is cooked add lemon juice ,coconut.
8.can add corriander leaves.

1.if its rice rava you need 4to 41/2 cups of water.
2.if boiled avare kalu water is there then you need less water.


1.local ravaa (uppuma rava)-2 cups
2.onion-3-(cut length wise or finely) chilles-8to 9(depending on your taste)(cut length wise or round )
5.curry,corriander leaves-few
6.water-41/2 cups
7.salt to taste
8.turmeric powder-1 tsp
9.fresh grated coconut-2 to 3 tblsps
10.sugar-2 tsp
1.sasivae(mustard)-1 tsp
2.jeera-1/2 tsp
3.kadale belle(bengal gram dhal)-1 tblsp
4.uddina belle(black gram dhal)-1 tblsp
5.broken cashew nuts-2 tblsps
6.oil-1/4 cup
7.pure ghee-2 tsp
1.fry rava in a medium flame till light brown
2.heat oil in a bandale(deep round pan),add seasonings,chilles,onion,curry leaves fry for a while
3.lower the flame,pour water,add salt,sugar,turmeric powder
4.when the water boils,add rava
5.close with a lid
6.when the moisture is absorbed and uppittu is cooked ,add lemon juice,coconut,corriander leaves
7.finely add pure ghee
8.remove from fire
add vegetables,like beans,carrot,aloo,tomato,peas,avare kallu etc

for" rice rava uppittu",have to take 6 cups water,add 2 or 3 green chilles more
rest of the method is same as above

Kayi Kadubu

1.rice powder-1 cup
2.water-1 1/2 cup
3.salt-1 tsp
4.refined oil-5 tsp
1.keep water in a heavy kadai,add salt,and oil.
2.when it is boiled add rice powder slowly in a low flame
3.let rice powder boil in it for 15 to 20 minutes.
4.remove from fire smash well and make into balls
ingredients for filling
1.fresh grated coconut-1 cup
2.jagerry(bella)powdered-1/2 cup
3.ellakki powder-1 to 2 tsp
1.mix coconut and jagerry in a kadai,stir on medium flame till all the moisture gets obsorbed.add ellakki powder.mix well.
method for making"sihi kadubu"
1.roll out the rice balls ,put the coconut filling inside,and fold it care fully.
2.make all the kadubus like this and arrange in a greased plate or cooker bowl
3.steam for 10 minutes like idlis
note method for making" karada kadubu"
1.prepare the batter as given in the "masala idli"
2.fill this batter in the rolled out rice balls,and fold it care fully
3.arrange them in a greased plates.or idli plate stand
4.steam in the pressure cooker for 10 to 12 minutes
for best results you can wash rice and soak for some time,drain through a colander ,spread on a cloth in a shady place to remove excess moisture.dry it
then mill this to a fine powder or you can use raw rice powder also.

Masala Idli

1.idli hittu-2 cups
2.kadale belle-2 tblsp-soak in water for 1/2 an hr
3.hesaru belle-2 tblsp-soak in water for 1/2 an hr chilles-2 finely cut
5.coconut-2 tblsp
6.ginger grated-1 tsp
7.hing -1 tsp
8.curry leaves-few
9.corriander leaves-few
10.pepper powder -1 tsp
1.soak idli hittu as per instruction
2.leave for 1/2 hr
3.then add all ingredients mix
4.leave over night
5.pressure cook in medium flame for 10 mins
for idli hittu
rice rawa -3 cups
uddina belle-1 cup

soak uddina belle for 6 hrs grind in grinder adding little water
to that idli batter add rice rawa(soaked in very little water)
add salt ferment overnight

Shyavigae Idli

2.curd-1/4 lt
4.coconut-3 tblsp
5.salt to taste chilles-10
7.curry and corriander leaves -hand full
8.soda-1 tsp
9.ginger-1'' piece
10.jeera powder-1 tsp
oil-3 tblsp
sasivae-1 tsp
kadale and uddina belle-2 tblsp

1.add curd to shavigae,
2.add green chilles,onion,coconut,curry and corriander leaves, jeera powder,ginger (grated),salt,soda,mix everything well
3.keep for 10 mins
4.heat oil add sasivae,when it splutters add kadaleand uddina belle
5.add seasoning to the above mixture and fried godambi also
6.pour on a greased idli plates
7.steam in a pressure cooker for 10 mins

Sabbakki Idli

1.raw rice tari(rava)-1 cup
2.nylan sabakki(sago)-1/2 cup
3.thick sour curd-11/2 cup chilles-10 (paste)
6.corriander leaves-handfull(finely cut)
7.curry leaves-few
8.coconut-1 tblsp
9.salt-2 tsp soda-1/2 tsp
11.ginger-1'' piece
12.godambi(cashew nut)-10
oil-2 tblsp
sasivae(mustard)-1 tsp
kadale belle-1 tblsp
uddina belle-1 tblsp

1.wash rice rava
2.mix rice rava,sabbakkii,curd ,salt should be of dosa consistency
4.let it ferment overnight day add finely cut onions,green chilles paste,coconut.curry and corriander leaves and soda,ginger.
6.heat oil in a spoon add the seasonings
7.add the seasoning to above mix mix well add fried godami also
8.pour on a greased idli plates and steam for 15 to 20 mins
9.serve with coconut chutney

Rava Idli

1.rava-2 cups
2.prevoius day sour curd-2 cups
3.godambi(cashew nuts)-20
4.peas-100 gms chilles-8 to 10
6.curry leaves-handfull
7.corriander leaves-2 to 3 tblsp soda-1/2 tsp
9.oil-2 tblsp
10.sasivae(mustard)-1/2 tsp
11.kadale belle(bengal gram dhal)-1 tsp
12.uddina belle(black gram dhal)-1tsp
13.carrot grated-3 tblsp
1.heat oil in a kadai,add sasivae,when it splutters,add kadale belle,uddina belle.
2.put curry leaves,add rava fry for 4 to 5 mins
3.when its cool add boiled peas ,add curd and salt green chilles (paste) ,corriander leaves,soda mix well
4.keep for 10 mins
1.pour on a greased idli plates,sprinkle grated carrot ,fried godambi
2.steam in pressure cooker for 10 mins to 12 mins
1.serve with coconut chutney
for good results pre heat cooker with water ,then keep the idli stand inside.


1.uddina belle-1 cup
2.akki tari(rice rava)-21/2 cups or boiled rice 3 cups
3.salt to taste
1.soak uddina belle for 6 to 7 hrs
2.soak rice separetly for 6 hrs or akki tari for 1/2 hour
3.grind uddina belle till smooth and frothy separetly adding little water
4.if you are grinding rice,grind that seaparetly coarsely(rava consistency)
1.mix ground uddina belle,akkitari,salt .mix well with hand
2.keep to ferment for over night keep in a large container so that it wont over flow day mix the batter well pour in idli plates. pressure cook it(steam)for 7 to 9 mins.

butter lassi

1.thick hung curd-1 cup
2.milk-1/2 cup
3.cardamom powder-a pinch
4.saffron-a pinch
5.powdered fine sugar-2 to 4 tblsp
6.khewada essence-1 drop(optional)
7.butter-1 tblsp
1.take 1/2 litre curd,put it in a muslin cloth,hang it for 3 to 4 hours.
1.blend all ingredients together except BUTTER in a hand blender or mixie and serve in tall glasses with butter

rose lassi

1.thick curds-1/2 litre
2.sugar-4 tblsp
3.rose water or syrup-2 tblsp
4.water-1 cup
5.chilled milk-1/2 cup
6.cochineal colour-a drop
7.fresh cream-2 tblsp
8.khova-2 tblsp
1.blend all the above ingredients in a mixie or hand blender
2.serve in tall glasses.

mango lassi

1.thick curds -1/2 litre juice-1 cup
3.fine sugar-4 to 6 tblsp
4.chilled milk-1/2 cup
5.fresh cream-2 tblsp
6.khova-2 tblsp cubes
1.blend all the above ingredients in a mixie and serve in tall glasses

orange lassi

1.thick curds-1/2 litre
2.fresh orange juice or diluted squash-1 cup
3.honey-2 tblsp
4.fine sugar-2 to 4 tblsp
5.cardamom powder- a pinch
6.chilled milk-1/2 cup cubes-
8.fresh cream-2 tblsp
9.unsweetened khova-2 tblsp
1.blend all the above ingredients in a mixie,serve in tall glasses.

sweet lassi

1.thick curds-1/2 litre
2.fine sugar- 4 tblsp
3.rose water -little(optional)
4.cardamom-1/4 tsp
5.cinnamom powder(dalchini)-a pinch
6.honey-1 tblsp
7.water-1 cup(optional)
8.chilled milk-1/2 cup
9.crushed ice cubes
10.fresh cream- 2 tblsp
11.un sweetened khoya-2 tblsp
1.blend all the above ingredients in a mixie, and serve in tall glasses.

masala lassi

1.thick curds-1/2 litre chillies-2
3.ginger-1" piece
4.salt-1 tsp masala powder-1/2 tsp
6.pepper powder-1/2 tsp
7.jeera powder-1/2 tsp leaves-8 to 10 leaves water-1 cup(optional)
10.chilled milk-1/2 cup
11.fresh cream-2 tblsp(optional)
12.khova- 2 tblsp(optional) cubes-few
1.grind together green chillies,ginger,pepper powder,jeera powder ,and mint leaves.
2.blend all other ingredients with the paste in a mixie and serve in tall glasses.


1.thick curd-2 cups
2.water-4 cups
3.salt-1 tsp
4.curry and corriander leaves-few (finely chopped) chilli-1
6.hing -a pinch
7.ginger-1/4 '' piece
1.grind curry ,corriander leaves,green chilly,ginger together
2.beat curd and water in a mixy ,add ground paste ,salt,beat well and drink

Coconut Curd Raitha

1.fresh grated coconut-1/2 cup
2.curd-1 cup chilles-3
4.salt-1/2 tsp
5.curry and corriander leaves-few
6.oil or ghee -2 tsp
7.sasivae-1 tsp
1.heat oil in a oggaranae spoon,add sasivae,finely cut green chilles,curry leaves. a bowl take coconut,add salt,oggaranae,corriander leaves.
3.mix well serve cold or as it is
coconut and green chilles can be varied according to your taste

to the above raitha ,you can add
1. cucumber
2.onion and tomato
5.boiled aloo
6. boiled soppu
7..slightly boiled kumbalakayi
8..boiled big round badanae kayi
10.bale dindu.

1.seedless white ,and black grapes
3. mango
5.dry fruits ,like drakshi,godambi,badami,cherry,etc

for fruits,you can omit oggaranae,add sugar,coconut,curd and serve or can also do with oggaranae


1.bengal gram flour-1 cup
2.ginger-paste==1 tsp chilles-5(paste)
4.turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
5.sour thick curd-1/2 cup
6.eno's fruit salt-1 tblsp in 2 tblsp of water (or add 1tsp soda,1-tsp sugar,1/2 tsp citric acid , oil-2 tblsp to 1 cup water)
7.salt-to taste
8.oil-2 tblsp chilli powder-1 tsp
10.coconut grated-2 tblsp
11.corriander leaves (finely cut)-2 to 3 tblsp
1.mix flour with curd,salt,green chilles,ginger,turmeric powder make into a batter
2.add oil to eno 's fruit salt,pour over batter
3.mix well ,grease plate,pour the batter.
4.steam immediately like plate idlis for 10 to 15 minutes.
5.season with jeera seeds,hing-a pinch.and 2 tblsp of water,pour on prepared pricked dhokla.
6.cut into pieces.
7.sprinkle chilli powder,corriander leaves.and freshly grated coconut

punjabi dhal

1.rajmah-1/2 cup
2.urad dhal whole-1/3 cup
3.channa dhal-1/4 cup
4.urad dhal split-1/4 cup
5.ginger -1 tblsp
6.split grren chillies-4 to 6
7.tomatoes-4 finely chopped
8.onions-3 finely chopped
9.garam masala -1/4 tsp
10.butter -2 tblsp
11.oil-2 tblsp
12.fresh corriander leaves
13.jeera seeds-1 tsp
14.curry leaves-few chillies-2
1.cook all the dhals together till done in pressure cooker for 2 whistles.
2.heat 2 tblsp oil in a kadai,add jeera seeds,red chillies,curry leaves,onions,fry till onions turn golden in colour,add chopped tomatoes and cook well.
3.add cooked dhals,ginger,green chillies,cook for few minutes.
4.add butter or cream,garam masala powder and fresh corriander leaves.

sukha dhal

1.channa dhal-1 cup chillies-4
3.onion finely chopped-1
4.jeera seeds-1 tsp
5.curry leaves-few
6.oil-2 tblsp
7.salt-to taste
8.2 red chillies
9.lemon juice-1 tblsp
1.boil dhal with just enough water to cook
2.roughly grind onion with 4 red chillies.
3.heat oil in a kadai,add jeera seeds,2-red chillies,curry leaves,saute for a while,
4.add the ground paste,and fry well.
5.add cooked dhal,salt,stir ,cook for a while.
6.add fresh corriander leaves and lemon juice.

dhal fry

1.moong dhal-1 cup(soak for 15 minutes)
2.ghee-2 tblsp
3.garlic flakes-6 crushed
4.jeera seeds-1 tsp
5.onion chopped-1 chillis-2
7.curry leaves-few
8.fresh corriander leaves-few
9.salt -to taste
ground paste chillies-4 to 6
2.turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
3.jeera seeds-1 tsp
4.tamarind-1 tblsp
1.heat 2 tblsp ghee in a kadai,add jeera,crushed garlic,red chillies 2,curry leaves,onion and fry well.
2.add ground paste ,cook for a while.
3.add dhal with water,and salt,cook till done.
4.garnish with corriander leaves

moong dhal

1.moong dhal-1 cup
2.turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
3.ghee-2 tblsp
4.cumin seeds(jeera)-1 tsp
5.bay leaf-1
6.aniseeds(saunf)-1 tsp chillies-2 chillies finely chopped-2
11.garam masala powder-1 tsp chilli powder-1/2 tsp
13.curry leaves-few
14.fresh corriander leaves-few
15.salt-to taste
1.cook dhal.
2.heat ghee in a kadai,add bay leaf,jeera,aniseeds,red chillies,green chillies,curry leaves,onion,tomato,garam masala,red chilli powder,cook well.
3.add cooked dhal with 1/2 to 1 cup of water,
4.add salt,cook for a while.
5.add fresh corriander leaves.
6.serve hot with chappathis,phulkas,or rice.


1.masoor dhal or green gram dhal(hesaru belle)-1 cup
2.tomatoes-3 chilles-5 to 6
5.ghee-1 tblsp
6.haldi-1/2 tsp
7.garam masala-1/2 tsp
9.salt to taste
10.corriander and curry leaves-few
1.cook dhal in pressure cooker
2.cut onions,tomatoes,finely
3.slit chilles
4.heat ghee in a kadai add jeera,onions fry for a while add green chilles,,tomatoes,fry for few mins,
6.then add cooked dhal,haldi,garam masala,salt
7.cook it adding little water boil
8.remove from fire add lemon juice,sprinkle corriander leaves

stuffed capsicum curry

1.Small capsicum-5 to 6
2.cooked mashed potatoes-1 cup
3.grated paneer-1/2 cup
4.tomato paneer-1/2 cup
5.khowa-1/4 cup
6.curds-1/2 cup
7.sugar-1 tsp
8.jeera-1 tsp
9.garam masala powder-1 tsp chilli powder-2 tsp
11.turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
12.dhania powder-1 tsp
13.jeera powder-1 tsp
14.ginger-garlic paste-3 tsp
16.salt to taste
17.coriander leaves-few
18.fresh cream-2 tblsp chillies-4 chopped
Method a bowl mix potato,paneer,sugar-1/2 tsp,ginger-garlic paste-1 tsp,salt-1/2 tsp
2.divide into 2 parts
3.fill the above filling to capsicum(1-part)
4.heat oil ,add jeera,onions,fry for a while,add ginger-garlic paste,tomato puree,cook for a while.
5.add green chillies,all powders,salt,sugar.cook well,add curds,khowa,cook.
6.add capsicum ,remaining filling,1-2 cups of water
7.cook for 1 whistle.or till open pan(kadai)
8.lastly add cream,and garnish with coriander leaves.
can add cooked peas to the filling for extra taste.

Alu Mutter

1.potatoes-4 to 5 or 1/4 kg
2.peas-1 cup or 1/4 kg
5.curds-1/2 cup
6.jeera-1 tsp
7.ginger garlic paste-1 tsp
8.haldi(turmeric)powder-1 tsp
9.dhania (corriander)leaves-2 tblsp
10.jeera powder-1 tsp
11.garam masala powder-1 tsp chille powder-1 tsp
14.ghee -2 tblsp
15.salt-to taste
16.sugar-1 tsp chilles-4 chopped
18.corriander leaves-few
1.cook potatoes and peas in pressure cooker
2.peel potatoes and cut into cubes.
3.grind onions and tomatoes,green chillies in a mixy
4.heat oil and ghee,in a kadai add jeera,ground paste,ginger garlic paste fry for few mins
5.add haldi,jeera,dhania,chille,garam masala powders,curds,sugar,salt,fry till oil separates
6.add boiled peas,potatoes,add little water(1/2 cup) boil well
7.garnish with corriander leaves.

Navarathna Kurma

1.mixed cut vegetables-2 cups
2.(beans, carrot,peas,potatoes,cauliflower,etc)
3.onions paste-1/4 cup
4.cashew paste-1/4 cup
5.tomato puree-1/4 cup
6.ginger garlic paste-2 tsp
7.jeera powder-1 tsp
9.garam masala powder-1 tsp
11.coconut milk-1/2 cup
12.fresh cream-1 cup
13.oil-3 tblsp
14.salt to taste
15.sugar-1 tsp
16.white pepper powder-2 tsp
17.corriander leaves
18.milk-1/2 cup
Dry nuts
2.fried cashewnuts
3.fresh dates
4.cherry fruit ,tutti-frutti,all together 100 gms.
2.seedless pommegranate-1/4 cup segments-4
4.tinned pineapple slices-2
1.steam vegetables for 5 minutes,add 2 tblsp ghee fry and keep aside.
2.heat 3 tblsp oil,add jeera seeds(1 tsp),add onion paste,ginger-garlic paste,green chillies,saute for a while,
3.add tomato puree,dry masala powders,salt,vegetables,cashew paste,thick coconut milk,and cook for a while.
4.lastly add fresh cream,nuts,fruits,paneer,and garnish with coriander leaves.
5.serve hot.

Pudina Aloo Dum

ingredients potatoes-1 cup-(boil whole aloo)
2.pudina-1 cup
3.onion-2 chilles -4 to 5
5.haldi -1tsp
6.jeerigae-1 tsp
7.nimbu rasa-1 tblsp
8.oil-2 tblsp
1.grind onion,chiiles ,pudina leaves with little water
2.heat oil in a kadai add aloo & fry (roast)
3.add haldi,jeera
4.add ground masala,salt fry
5.add nimbu rasa
instead of pudina you can take menthya soppu
only thing no need to grind menthya soppu you can add as it is


1.kabuli channa-(soaked and boiled)-1 cup
2.jeera-1 tblsp
3.tej patta-1(optional) chilles-1
8.ginger -garlic paste-1 tblsp
9.dhania powder-2 tblsp
10.jeera powder-1 tblsp chille powder-2 tblsp
12.amchur powder-1 tblsp
13.garam masala powder-1 tblsp
14.ghee or oil -3 tblsp
15.curry leaves- few
16.corriander leaves-few
17.haldi-1 pinch
18.salt to taste
1.peel alu and cut into big cubes a kadai heat oil fry alu and keep aside the same kadai heat oil,add jeera,green chille ,tej patta,grated onion fry for a while
4.add ginger garlic paste fry now add haldi dhania powder,jeera powder,red chille powder,amchur,
5.fry then add boiled channa,tomato puree,salt garam masala,boil for 15 mins
6.add corriander leaves curry leaves
7.finally add fried alu
same method for

1.rajma beans
2.hesaru kallu(moong)
3.white peas
4.or mixed kallu

Baigan Burta

ingredients brinjal(badane kayi)-1 big(roast in microwave applying oil /roast over direct gas flame applying oil)
4.jeera-1 tsp chilles-4to 5 chilli powder-1/2 to 1 tsp
7.ginger garlic paste -1 tblsp
8.garam masala powder-1 tsp
9.oil -2 tblsp
10.salt to taste
11.corriander leaves-1 tblsp
12.fresh cream or ghee-2 tblsp
1.heat oil in a kadai add jeera,onion(2),green chilles,ginger garlic paste, fry well
2.smash baigan add to above
3.fry well
4.then add red chilli powder,garam masala powder, salt, tomatoes
5.fry for 10 mins or till oil comes out.
6.add corriander leaves
7.add cream and 1 onion(or spring onion) chopped ,mix well and serve. water is added in this recipe.

Corn Sabji

1.aloo- 3-boiled & cut into cubes
2.corn seeds -1 cup-boiled(frozen or fresh)
5.oil-3 tblsp
6.curd-1/2 cup
7.ginger garlic paste-1 tblsp chilles-1 chilli powder-1tsp
11.garam masala-1 tsp
12.jeera-1/2 tsp
13.methi seeds-1/4 tsp
14.corriander leaves-few
1.heat oil in a kadai add methi seeds,jeera,onion
2.fry till brown
3.add ginger garlic paste,green chilles fry for a min
4.add corn,haldi,red chilli powder
5.add water & boil
6.add tomatoes,curd,salt
7.boil till water dries up
8.then add aloo
9.add garam masala corriander mix well
10.cover & cook on low flame for 7 to 8 mins
11.garnish with corriander leaves

palak paneer

1.palak paste-1cup(made out of 20 bunches,8-green chillies,a piece of ginger,a pinch of cooking soda,sugar -1 tsp) in pressure cooker with 1/4 cup of water.
2.boil above ingredients and make a paste.
2.tomato puree-1 cup
3.turmeric powder-1/4 tsp
4.chilli powder-2 tsp
5.garam masala powder-1/2 tsp
6.salt-to taste
7.paneer-100 gms(fried in oil)
8.boiled peas-1/2 cup or boiled aloo(cut into cubes)(if using aloo or peas)
9.oil-3 tblsps
10.jeera seeds-1 tsp
11.fresh cream
1.In a kadai,take 3 tblsp of oil,add jeera seeds,onions fry for a while,
2.add tomato puree,dry powders,keep frying,add palak paste,cook for a while,add water,cook for 5 minutes.
3.add fried paneer cubes,fresh cream,serve with rotis.

kofta curry

1.paneer grated-250gms
3.baking powder or cooking soda-1/4 tsp chillies-3
5.corriander leaves-few
6.dhania powder-1 tsp chilli powder-1/2 tsp
8.garam masala powder-1/4 tsp
9.ginger- garlic paste-1 tsp
10.khova-50 gms
11.salt-to taste
knead above ingredients except khova well,use khova for filling,make round or ablong balls an deep fry in oil.

1.aloo boiled and mashed-4
2.bread crumbs-4 tblsp chillies-3
4.corriander leaves-few chopped
5.dhania powder-1 tsp chilli powder-1/2 tsp
7.garam masala powder-1/4 tsp
8.salt-to taste
9.ginger-garlic paste-1 tsp
mix all the ingredients well and follow as per paneer koftas.

1.cooked green peas-1/2 cup
2.carrot chopped and cooked-1
3.beans chopped and cooked-10 to 12
4.cauliflower florets cooked-12
5.bread slices-1 or 2 (soak and took out from water) chillies-3
7.corriander leaves-few chopped
8.dhania powder-1 tsp chilli powder-1/2 tsp
10.garam masala powder-1/4 tsp
11.salt to taste
12.ginger- garlic paste-1 tsp
mix all the ingredients well follow as per paneer koftas

1.onion paste-1/2 cup
2.tomato puree-1 cup
3.melon seeds-1 tblsp
4.cashew nuts-25 gms
5.chironji-1 tblsp
make a paste of melonseeds ,cashew,and chironji.

Other ingredients chilli powder-2 tsp
2.shah jeera-1/2 tsp
3.garam masala powder-1/2 tsp
4.jeera powder-1 tsp
5.ginger-garlic paste-1 tsp chillies-4
7.fresh cream-1/2 cup
8.corriander leaves
1.In a kadai,take 2 tblsp of oil and 2 tblsp of ghee ,add shah jeera,when it splutters add onion paste,ginger-garlic paste,green chillies,tomato puree,dry masalas,and ground paste,and fry well.
2.add 2 to 3 cups of water and salt,and cook for some time till water reduces to 1 1/2cup.
3.add kotas ,fresh cream and boil
4.sprinkle corriander leaves.

Aloo Gobi

1.aloo(potato)-5 (medium)
2.gobi-1 big
3.jeera-1 tsp chilly powder-1 tsp
5.jeera powder-4 tsp
6.dhania powder-4 tsp
7.haldi-1 tsp
9.salt to taste
10.sugar-1 tsp
11.ginger garlic paste-1 to 2 tblsp
12.curds-1/2 cup
13.ghee-2 tblsp
14.finely chopped corriander leaves-a handful
16.tomatoes-2 chilles-3
1.cook aloo in presure cooker.
2.peel and cut aloo into big pieces(cubes)
3.break gobi into florets and cook gobi (for 70%)
4.grind onions,green chillies
5.heat oil and ghee ,add ,jeera,ground paste,ginger garlic,tomatoes,fry well.
6.add all powdered masalas,curds,sugar, fry well.
7.add vegetables ,salt add 1/2 cup water,cook till thick
8.cover,cook on low heat for a while .
9.garnish with corriander leaves.

Vegetable Sabji

3.beans-1 cup(cut) peas-1 cup
8.salt -to taste
9.curry and corriander leaves-few
1.oil-2 tblsp
2.sasivae-1 tsp
3.jeera-1 tsp
4.turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
for grinding chilles-8 to 10
2.dhania seeds-1 tsp
3.coconut-2 tblsp
4.dalchini-1'' piece
1.boil vegetables,except onion,tomatoes
2.grind the things given for grinding a kadai,heat oil add the seasonings,curry leaves,ground masala .fry till good smell comes add finely cut onion,tomatoes fry
5.add boiled vegetables,add salt.boil well
6.serve with chapathi,poori,rotti,anna

Paneer Makhani

This recipe is also called "Butter masala".
2.curds-1/2 cup
4.fresh cream-100gms
5.salt-to taste
6.garam masala powder-1 tsp chilli powder-1 or 2 tsp
8.dhania powder-1 tsp
9.jeera powder-1 tsp
10.turmeric powder-1/4 tsp
11.ghee or oil-2 tblsp
12.corriander leaves or kasuri methi-for decoration chillies-2 to 3 paste
14.raw onion paste-1/4 cup
15.cashew nut paste-1/4 cup
16.ginger paste-1 tsp
17.garlic paste-1 tsp
18.tomato puree-1/2 cup
19.sugar-1 tsp
1.cut the paneer into cubes and deep fry or shaloow fry in oil or ghee lightly.
2.add curds mix well and keep aside. a kadai,add ghee or oil,add onion paste,ginger-garlic paste saute for a while.
4.add all dry powders and cook for a while.
5.add tomato puree and cook for 5 minutes
6.add cream,1/2 cup water,after some time add cashew paste,cook for 5 minutes.
7.add paneer pieces,add butter and garnish with corriander or kasuri methi leaves.

Majjige Paldya

1.majjige-1 cup or curd(mosaru)
2.menasina pudi-1/2-tsp (saaru or rasam powder)
3.haldi-1 pinch
4.shunti(ginger)-1 small piece(grated)
5.curry leaves,corriander leaves-few
++ seasoning

salt should be added after boiling majjigae

add all the ingredients and boil-add little water
give oggarane
heat ghee in a oggarane spoon add sasivae jeera after it spltutters pour over saaru


1.hesaru belle-1/2 cup or red chilles -3 to 4
3.haldi-1/2 tsp
5.jeerige-1 tsp
6.oil 2 tsp,
7.fresh grated coconut-2 tblsp
8.nimbu rasa-1 tblsp
9.vegetables-single or mixed
◦semae badane
◦herae kayi
◦kumbala kayi
◦sorae kayi
1.keep belle in cooker with very little water a separete container keep vegetable with little water boil both
3.keep both in cooker
4.heat oil in a kadai add sasivae,jeerigae and chilles
5.add haldi, boiled belle & vegetables
6.add salt, sugar boil
7.add coconut, nimbu rasa & curry leaves boil well
towve should not be kept outside (room temp)for a long time as it will stale fast


vegetables- cut into long length wise -all 1/2 cup

2.balle kayi
5.seemae badane
6.drum stick
8.curry leaves-few
9.ghee-3 tblsp
10.mosaru(curd)-1/2 to 1 cup
to grind

1.coconut-11/2 cup
2.jeerigae-11/2 tsp chilles-8 to 10
4.rice-2 tblsp(soaked in water) for 1/2 hr
5.salt to taste
1.boil all vegetables in pressure cooker with little water 1 whistle is enough
2.add ground masala to the vegetables ,salt mix well in slow flame
3.add curd(can add little water if you want)
4.add curry leaves and boil
5.add ghee

Jeera Tambulli

1.kadalele belle(channa dhal)-1 tsp
2.uddina belle(urad dhal)-1 tsp
3.jeera-2 tsp pepper -2 tsp
5.coconut-1 cup
6.curd-2 cups
1.ghee-1 tblsp
2.sasivae-1 tsp
3.jeera-1 tsp
1.heat 1 tblsp of ghee ,in a kadai,fry kadale belle,uddina belle,jeera, pepper
2.grind with coconut add curd,salt
3.pour the seasoning need to boil
1.can add 15 to 20 doddipatre soppu
2.ondaelaga soppu
3.tondae soppu
4.fry all these soppu with above ingredients


Ingredients for grinding chilles-5 to 6
3.khus khus-1/2tsp
4.huri gadale-2tblsp or ground nut(kadale kayi bija)
5.coconut-1 cup
9.corriander leaves-few
1.hurali kayi
3.semae badane
4.alu -1
6.tomato -1
1.oil or ghee -1tbsp
4.hing-1 pinch
5.curry leaves-few
1.grind all the ingredients
2.boil all vegetables
3.add grinded masala to the boiled vegetables, in a kadai
4.add salt, (1 tsp sugar for taste)
5.boil give oggarane
6.heat oil or ghee in a oggarane spoon add sasivae jeera hing pour over saagu

Hunase Gojju

1.hunase hannu(tamarind)-orange sized
2.bella(jaggerry)-2 orange sized or to the taste
3.salt- to taste
4.turmeric powder-1 tsp
5.refined oil-6 to 8 tsp
for the powder
1.kadale belle-1 tsp
2.uddina belle-1/2 tsp
3.corriander seeds-2 tsp chilles-10
5.jeera-1 tsp pepper -1/2 tsp
7.menthya seeds-1/4 tsp
8.dalchini-1'' piece
fry all these things adding a tsp of oil and powder it in a mixy
or you can add menasina pudi(refer in powder section) to your taste

method for making gojju
1.wash and soak hunase hannu in water just enough to immerse
2.extact thick juice (pulp)from it .
3.strain and transfer this pulp to a thick kadai.
4.add bella,salt.turmeric powder and oil.
5.keep stirring constantly till bella is dissolved
6.add menasina pudi(powder) to it keep stirring constantly till tamarind extract reduces in its volume till you get the gojju consistency and store in a bottle

Mavina Hannina Gojju

1.mavina hannu(mango fruit)-5 small ones
2.coconut-1 cup chilles-4 to 5
1.sasivae-2 tsp
2.bella(jaggery)-big lemon size
3.turmeric powder-1 tsp
1.sasivae-1 tsp
2.jeera-1 tsp
3.hing-1 pinch
1.wash mavina kayi,remove the skin,squeeze the fruit a little
2.grind coconut,sasivae,green chilles together
3.add this paste to squeezed fruit,add bella,salt,and boil , boil is enough
5.add the seasoning.mix well

Mavina Kayi Gojju

ingredients mavina kayi-1
2.menasina pudi-2 tsp
3.salt to taste
4.bella or sugar-2tsp
5.curry leaves-few
1.sasivae-1 tsp
2.turmeric powder-1 tsp
3.oil-2 tblsp
1.wash mavina kayi,cut into small pieces
2.heat oil in a kadai,add the seasonings,add mavina kayi pieces,turmeric powder,menasina pudi,bella,salt ,curry leaves all together
3.when done or mavina kayi is soft ,take out from the gas.

Mosaru Gojju

1.coconut-1 cup chilles-3 to 4
3.sasivae-1 tsp
4.curd-2 cup
5.curry leaves-few
6.vegetables - one of..
◦boiled potato
1.grind coconut,chilles,sasivae,
2.heat oil -2 tblsp in a kadai add sasivae,curry leaves
3.add bindi,fry well
4.add ground paste add salt
5.add curd boil for a while

Tomato Iruli Gojju

3.bella(jageery)-orange size
4.menasina pudi-3 tsp(saaru or rasam powder)
5.huli pudi-1 tsp
6.haldi-1 tsp
7.ta ma rind paste-1/2 tsp
8.curry leaves-few
9.oil- 2 blsp
method a kadai heat oil add sasivae-1 tsp curry leaves
2.add onion fry for a few mins
3.add tomatoes haldi,pudis tamarind paste
4.add bella boil well for 10 mins add salt
5.boil for a few mins till done

Menthya Kallu Gojju

1.menthya seeds-1/2 cup
2.tamarind soaked-lemon sized
3.salt to taste
1.coconut-1 cup
2.bella(jagerry)-orange sized
for frying
1.kadale belle-2 tblsp
2.uddina belle-1 tblsp chilles-9 to 10
4.jeera- 1 tsp
5.hing grannules-1 pinch pepper-4 to 5
1.sasivae-1 tsp
2.jeera-1 tsp
3.turmeric powder-1 tsp
4.curry leaves-few.
1.fry all the things together given for frying,powder it,grind with coconut and tamarind
2.heat oil in a kadai,add the seasonings one by one
3.when its done, add menthya kallu,fry till brown
4.add water ,when menthya kallu is soft or done ,add ground paste,bella,salt.
5.let it boil till you get gojju consistency

Menthya Hittu Gojju

1.mentya hittu-2 to 3 tblsp
2.tamarind soaked-lemon sized
3.bella(jagerry)-2 lemon sized (powdered)
4.salt to taste
1.oil -1 tblsp
2.sasivae-1 tsp
4.hing-1/2 tsp chilles-2
6.curry leaves-few
1.squeeze tamarind juice the squeezed tamarind juice add bella salt,menthya hittu mix well
3.heat oil add seasonings 1 by 1
4.pour over gojju mix well

Nimbu Or Herale Rasa Gojju

to fry
1.kadale belle-1 tsp
2.uddina belle-1tsp
3.jeera-1 tsp
4.menthya seeds-1/2 tsp
5.til-1/2 tsp chilles-8 to 9
1.coconut-1/2 cup
2.kobbari(dry coconut)-1/2 cup
3.nimbu or herale rasa-1 cup
4.bella-(jagerry)-1 orange size
1.tamarind-small lemon size
2.curry leaves
3.haldi-1 pinch
4.oil-2 tblsp
5.salt to taste
1.fry the things given
2.grind it with coconut ,kobbari/ a kadai heat oil add 1 tsp sasivae when it splutters add curry leaves
4.add ground paste,tamarind juice,bella ,salt,nimbu rasa.haldi
5.boil well till oil separates

Cucumber Hasi Gojju

1.cucumber-2 to 3 -small ones
2.tamarind-lemon size (soaked in water)
3.bella(jaggery)-lemon size
4.coconut-1 cup
5.salt to taste
6.curry leaves-few
to fry
1.kadale belle-2 tblsp
2.menthya seeds-1/2 tsp chilles-6 to7
4.oil -1tsp
2.sasivae-1 tsp
3.jeera-1/2 tsp
4.curry leaves-few
1.peel the skin of cucumber cut into small pieces
2.fry the things given powder it
3.take powder,coconut,tamarind,bella ,salt grind together
4.add the ground paste to cut cucumber mix well
5.pour seasonings over gojju

Pineapple Gojju

1.pineapple-1 small
2.kadale belle-11/2 tsp
3.uddina belle-11/2 tsp
4.menthya-1/2 tblsp
5.hing-1 small grannule
7.jeera-3/4 tsp chilles-6 to 8
9.til-3 tsp
10.menthya seeds-1/2 tsp
11.dalchini-1'' piece
12.bella-2 lemon size
13.coconut and kobbari-1/2 cup
curry leaves -few

1.fry all ingredients except bella,coconut pineapple
2.powder it in a mixy
3.grind the powder along with coconut in a mixy
4.heat 2 tblsp of oil in a kadai add 1tsp of sasivae when its splutters add pineapple pieces
5.fry for 2 seconds
6.add ground mixture/salt boil well till you get gojju consistency
can add gojju powder-2 to 3 tblsp

can do "ona drakshi(raisins)" gojju,same as above
only thing soak" half cup of drakshi,"in little water for 2 hours

Karrjuura Gojju

1.karrjuura(dates)-1 cup
2.bella(jagerry)-2 lemon size
3.menasina pudi(rasam powder)-2 tblsp
4.tamarind-lemon size (soaked)
1.oil- 2 tblsp
2.sasivae-1 tsp
3.jeera-1 tsp
4.haldi-1 tsp
5.curry leaves-few
1.take seed less dates
2.wash and boil it when it becomes soft switch off the stove and grind it to a paste a kadai heat oil add sasivae,jeera when splutters add ground paste
5.add haldi,bella, menasina pudi,tamarind curry leaves,salt boil well till you get gojju consistency

Kayi Sasivae Gojju

1.fresh grated coconut (kayi turi)-4 to 5 tblsp or 1/2 cup chilles-6
3.sasivae(mustard seeds)-1/2 tsp
4.huri gadale-1 tblsp
5.hing-1 pinch
6.haldi-1 pinch
7.tamarind-lemon size(soaked in water)
8.salt to taste
9.bella(jagerry)-lemon size
10.curry leaves-few
1.oil-1 tblsp
3.jeera-1/2 tsp
vegetables (one or mixed)
1.semae badanae kayi
3.mulangi (radish)
4.pappya kayi
5.gori kayi
6.sihi kumbala kayi
7.fried bendae kayi badanae kayi
1.cut vevgetable into small pieces
2.heat oil in a kadai add sasivae,jeera,curry leaves
3.when splutters add the vegatable
4.sprinkle little water and close the lid
5.mean while grind coconut,green chilles,sasivae,hurigadale,hing,haldi, tamarind
6.donot add much water while grinding (sprinkle water)
7.add ground mix to boiled vegetables add salt,bella boil

Avare Kallu Gojju

1.avare kallu-2 cups
2.fresh grated coconut-1 cup
1.jeera pudi-2 tsp
2.rice(fried raw for 2 mins)-1 handfull chilles-6 to 8
4.corriander leaves-few
5.curry leaves-few
6.haldi-1 pinch
for the seasoning
1.sasivae-1 tsp
2.jeera-1/2 tsp
3.hing-a pinch
4.ghee 1 tblsp
heat ghee in a oggarane spoon,add the seasoning,fry till it stops spluttering

1.boil avare kallu in presure cooker
2.grind 1/2 cup of boiled kallu with coconut ,jeera powder,rice,chilles,
3.add this ground mix to rest off the kallu ,add salt, boil well
4.can addlittle water if you need. or till you get gojju consistency
5.add corriander leaves,curry leaves
6.pour the seasoning over the boiled gojju.

Bendae Kayi Gojju

1.bendae kayi(bindi)-1/4 kg
2.tamarind-lemon size soaked
3.jagerry-lemon size
4.curry leaves-few
5.arishina-1 tsp
6.oil-2 tblsp
7.sasivae-1 tsp
8.jeera-1 tsp
ingredients for powder
1.kadale belle-2 tblsp
2.uddina belle-1 tblsp
3.jeerigae-2 tsp
4.menthya seeds-1 tsp
5.corriander seeds-1 tsp chilles-5 to 6
7.pepper corns-4 to5
8.yellu(til)-2 tsp
9.hing-a small grannule
10.fry all these things adding a tsp of oil powder it in a mixy
11.grind this powder with coconut
1.wash bendae kayi cut into round pieces
2.heat oil in kadai,add sasivae ,jeera,curry leaves
3.add bendae kayi pieces,fry for a while,add tamarind juice,so that it won't become sticky
4.after its soft add ground paste ,salt ,boil well till you get gojju consistency

Hagala Kayi Gojju

1.hagala kayi(bitter gourd)-3
2.coconut grated-1/2 cup
3.tamarind-2 big lemon size soaked
4.jagerry-3 lemon size
5.curry leaves-few
6.oil-3 tblsp
7.arishina(haldi)-2 tsp
ingredients for powder
1.kadale belle-2 tblsp
2.uddina belle-1 tblsp
3.jeerigae-1 tblsp
4.menthya seeds-1tsp
5.corriander seeds-1 tsp chilles-5 to 6
7.pepper corns-4 to 5
8.yellu-1 tsp
9.hing-a small grannule
1.fry all ingredients written for powder adding a tsp of oil and powder it in a mixy
2.grind together coconut along with above powder
3.wash hagala kayi cut and take out the seeds ,cut into small pieces
4.heat oil in a kadai,add sasivae,curry leaves,haldi,add hagala kayi pieces
5.fry for a while ,add tamarind juice,jagerry
6.let it boil till hagala kayi becomes soft
7.add ground paste,salt, and water if needed
8.boil well


1.badane kayai(brinjal)-1/4 kg
2.coconut fresh or kobbari -1/2 cup (or both little)
3.tamarind -lemon sized soaked
4.gojju powder(or fry fresh powder)-1 to 2 tblsp
1.oil-3 to 4 tblsp
2.bella-small lemon sized
for powder
1.kadale belle-2tblsp
2.uddina belle-1tblsp
3.jeerigae(jeera)-1/2 tblsp
4.corriander seeds(dhania)-1/2 tsp chilles-8 to 10
6.pepper -3 to 4
7.yellu (til seeds) -1 tsp
1.hing -a little (granules)
1.fry all ingredients mentioned for powder adding 1tsp of oil.powder it together
2.# grind powder,coconut, a mixy
3.heat oil add sasivae, jeerigae,curry leaves,let it splutter
4.put badane kayai & fry.add a pinch of haldi let it be soft
5.add ground paste the fried badanae kayai
7.add salt ,bella (jaggery)- lemon sized
8.add water to goojju consistency
9.boil well


1.hesaru belle or kadale belle-1/2 cup chilles-3 to 4
3.fresh grated coconut-2 to 4 tblsp
4.lemon -1
5.cucumber or carrot or mavina kayi-(finely chopped)-1 cup
6.corriander leaves-few -(finely chopped)
7.salt-to taste
1.oil-2 tsp
2.sasivae-1 tsp
3.hing-1 pinch
1.wash and soak the belle in water for 1 hour
2.drain water completely.
3.heat oil in a oggarane spoon,add sasivae,finely chopped green chilles.
4.add coconut,salt,corriander leaves,cucumber to the belle
5.add hing ,pour oggarane to the above belle
6.add lemon juice
7.mix well with hand.
if you add mavina kayi pieces no need to add lemon juice

Menthya Matavadi Palya

1.kadale belle(channa dhal)-1 cup
2.menthya soppu-2 to 3 bunches(only leaves) chilles-4
4.ginger-1 small piece
5.coconut-2 tblsp
6.curry leaves-few
7.corriander leaves-few
8.lemon juice-2 tblsp
1.oil -2 tblsp
2.sasivae-1 tsp
3.jeera-1 tsp
4.hing-a pinch
1.soak kadale belle for 1 hour, drain water.
2.grind kadale belle ,green chilles,ginger,curry and corriander leaves with out adding water
3.grind coarsely ,add finely cut menthya soppu, mix well
4.heat oil in a kadai add sasivae,jeera,hing,when it starts spluterring,add ground paste.mixed with soppu
5.add salt coconut,fry till it becomes dry like palya(moisture evaporates) add lemon juice

Badnekai palya

1.badanae kayi-1/4 kg
2.onion-2 chilles-6
4.salt-1 tsp
5.fresh grated coconut-1/2 cup
6.nimmbu rasa(lemon juice)-1 tblsp
7.curry & corriander leaves-few
oil-1 tblsp
sasivae-1 tsp

1.heat oil in a kadai add seasonings,when it stops spluttering, add curry leaves.
2.add green chilles and onion fry for a while.
3.add badanae kayi to it
4.fry well ,add salt
5.when done add coconut,nimbu rasa,corriander
same method for bendae kayi ,aloo onion

Sabsigesoppu Palya

1.soppu-2 kattu
2.fresh grated coconut-1 tblsp
3.salt to taste
4.sugar -1 tsp chilles-3to 4
6.oil-1 tblsp
9.kadale belle, uddina belle-1 tsp each
10.nibu rasa(lemon juice)-1 tsp
1.heat oil in a kadai ,add sasivae ,jeera,kadale belle ,uddina belle ,fry till done
2.add chilles fry
3.add soppu and sugar,salt
4.close the lid
5.when its done add coconut, nimbu rasa,mix well
1.same method for all soppu palya can add boiled togari belle(1 cup) to soppina palya
3.dont add belle to sapsigae soppu palya

Aalu Iruli Palya

2.onion-3 chilles-5 to 6
4.curry leaves-few
5.corriander leaves-few
6.nimbu rasa-1 tblsp
7.fresh grated coconut-2 tblsps
8.haldi-1 tsp
1.oil -2 tblsp
2.sasivae- 1tsp
3.jeera- 1tsp
4.kadale belle-1 tblsp
5.uddina belle-1 tblsp
1.boil aloo in pressure cooker peel off the skin
2.heat oil in a kadai add sasivae, jeera,kadale belle ,uddina belle fry till done
3.add finely cut green chilles,fry
4.add length wise cut onions
5.fry for a while adding sugar -1tsp
6.add curry leaves ,haldi
7.add boiled aloo to the above
8.add salt ,mix well in a low fire till done
9.take out from fire add nimbu rasa corriander leaves and coconut grated .mix well.

Gobi palya

1.gobi (cauliflower)-1small chilles-3 to 4
3.lemon juice-1 tblsp
4.curry leaves-few
5.freshly grated coconut-2 tblsp
6.sugar-2 tsp
3.oil-2 tbls
4.haldi-1/4 tsp
1.heat oil in a kadai,add seasonings,fry till done then add green chilles.and curry leaves.
2.add gobi florets also
3.add sugar,salt,to the above
4.sprinkle little water ,close the lid, let it cook
5.when its soft, add coconut,lemon juice mix well
same method for

3.bendae kayi
4.badane kayi
5.mix vegetables
6.kumbala kayi

Bendekai (bhindi) palya(1 type)

1.bhindi-1/4 kg-(cut into round shape) chilles-3to 4
4.coconut-1/4 cup
5.nimbu rasa(lemon juice)-2 tblsp
6.curry leaves-few
7.haldi-1/4 tsp
1.oil-2 tblsp
2.sasivae-1 tsp
method a kadai heat oil ,add seasoning one by one,fry till it stops spluttering
2.add green chilles,curry leaves,,onion,bindi.fry for a while
3.add haldi ,nimbu rasa fry well
4.fry in medium flame till done add coconut. mix well and serve

Gorikai palya

1.gori kayi-1/4 kg
2.bath powder-2tsp
4.salt- to taste
5.fresh grated coconut-2 tblsp
6.curry leaves-few
7.lemon juice(nimbu rasa)-1 tsp
1.oil-1 tblsp
2.sasivae-1 tsp
4.kadale belle-1tblsp
5.uddina belle-1 tblsp
1.boil gori kayi in pressure cooker a bandale(kadai) heat oil add seasonings 1 by 1
3.when seasonings are done, add gori kayi,salt, sugar,curry leaves,bath powder, fry for a while
4.fry till water evaporates
5.add coconnt, nimbu rasa mix well and serve
same method for

1.hurali kayi
4.mixed vegetables
5.semae badane
6.navilu kosu
7.tondae kayi

HuraLi palya

1.hurali kalu-1cup
2.fresh grated coconut-1/2 cup
3.lemon juice-1 tblsp
4.curry leaves-few
sugar-2 tsp
salt-to taste

4.1tblsp-kadalae belle,uddina belle
5.3 to 4 -red chillies
6.1/2 tsp-hing powder
1.Boil kalu in pressure cooker.till soft
2.In a kadai heat oil , add the seasonging 1 by 1 lfry till done
3.Add boiled kalu salt,sugar,curry leaves ,fry it for a while.
4.Add lemon juice,coconut grated to the kallu mix well

hot and sour soup with vegetables

1.water-5 cups
2.vegetables( cabbage,carrot,onions,spring onions)
3.super seasoning cubes-1(maggie cubes)
4.ajinomotto-1/2 tsp
5.garlic chilli paste-2 tsp
6.corn flour-1 tblsp
7.lime-1 (lemon fruit)
8.corriander leaves or parseley-1 tblsp
9.salt-1 1/2 tsp
10.pepper powder-1 tsp
1.boil maggie cubes with 5 cups of water.
2.add shredded vegetables
3.boil for 2 minutes
4.add garlic chilli paste,boil for a while.
5.dissolve corn flour in 1 cup of water ,add to the above soup
6.add salt and pepper powder,ajjinomotto boil for a while
7.take out add lemon juice.
8.sprinkle corriander leaves
GARLIC CHILLI PASTE chillies-25 to 30(bydagi chillies)
2.vinegar-1/2 cup
3.garlic flakes-28
1.soak all the above over night and grind to a paste.
or you can make use of ready ones available in markets

gobi manchurian

1.cauli flower (gobi)-1/2 kg
2.maida-2 tblsp
3.corn flour-2 tblsp
4.baking powder or cooking soda-1/2 tsp
5.ajinomotto-1/2 tsp
6.salt-1/2 to 1 tsp
7.garlic -10 flakes(finely chopped) chillies-10 to 15(finely chopped)
9.ginger-1" piece(finely chopped)
10.capsicum-1 or 2(finely chopped)
11.sugar-1/2 tsp
12.tomato sauce-1 tblsp
13.vinegar-1 tblsp
14.soya sauce-1 tsp chilli sauce-1 tblsp
16.oil-or frying
17.bread crumbs- 1 tbsp or as required
18.spring onions
1.grate gobi ,wash well and drain it(keep in hot water with salt)
2.mix corn flour,baking powder,maida,salt,chilli sauce,ajinomotto,bread crumbs(if required add little water) along with grated gobi.
3.divide into small balls
4.deep fry in hot oil. a cup mix vinegar,soya sauce,sugar,tomato sauce. a kadai or pan,heat 2 tblsp of oil,add chopped ginger,garlic,green chillies ,capsicum saute.
7.add all the sauces,saute well
8.add fried balls saute well
9.lastly before taking out from gas sprinkle 1 tblsp of water stir for a minute ,add spring onions
10.serve hot.
1.CAN ALSO DO WITH MIXED VEGETABLES(carrot,beans,cabbage)
ingredients chillies-12
2.sugar-2 tsp
3.vinegar-2 tblsp
4.tomato puree-1/4 cup
5.garlic flakes-12
6.lemon juice-1 tblsp
7.salt- to taste
1.soak chillies,garlic in vinegar over night
2.grind with sugar tomato puree,salt,
3.add lemon juice
4.mix well
can also make use of market red chilli sauce

cabbage balls in hot garlic sauce

1.shreaded cabbage-1 cup
2.corn flour-2 tblsp
3.baking powder or cooking soda-1/2 tsp(donot increase soda while preparing more)
4.salt -to taste
5.bread crumbs-1 or 2 tblsp or as required.
1.mix all the above ingredients well,make round or oblong balls and deep fry on hot oil,till golden brown in colour.
2.serve with hot garlic sauce.
1.garlic chilli paste-2 tblsp
2.soya sauce-1 tblsp
3.vinegar-1 tblsp
4.tomato sauce-1 tblsp
5.water-1/2 cup
6.corn flour-1 tblsp
7.oil-2 tblsp
8.salt- to taste
9.onion-1 (small)-finely chopped
10.tandoori colour(optional)-a pinch
11.garlic-2 bulbs(whole)-finely chopped or 2 tblsp finely chopped
12.sugar-1 tsp chillies-4
14.tomato puree-1/2 cup(3 tomatoes -chop and blend ina mixy and strain it)
1.heat 2 tblsp oil ,add garlic,green chillies paste,onion,fry for a while.
2.add sauces,tomato puree,sugar,water,tandoori colour,cook for 5 minutes.
3.dissolve 1 tblsp of corn flour in 1/2 cup of water,add to the above gravy
4.cook till thick.

mixed vegetable fritters

1.mixed vegetables-1 cup(cabbage,onion,spring onion,bean sprouts)
2.milk-1 tblsp or as required
3.baking powder or cooking soda-1/4 tsp
4.maida-1 tblsp
5.cornflour-2 to 3 tblsp
6.small or chiroti rava-2 tblsp
7.ginger paste-1 tsp
8.soya sauce-1 tsp
9.ajinomotto(chinese salt)-1/2 tsp
10.white pepper powder- 1 tsp
11.bread crumbs-
12.salt-1 tsp
13.oil- to fry
1.mix all the ingredients except oil and bread crumbs
2.keep for 10 minutes
3.make into round tkkies,coat with bread crumbs
4.deep fry in hot oil
5.serve with sauce.
1.first half fry leave for 2 minutes ,press in a paper or tissue,flatten and fry for 2 more minutes
you can also do fritters using only cabbage.

spring rolls

1.corn flour-1/2 cup
2.maida-1/2 cup
3.milk-1/2 cup
4.water-1/2 cup
5.salt-1/2 tsp
1.mix all the above ingredients into a thin batter ,by adding more water (if needed).
2.keep the batter for 1/2 hour or atleast for 10 minutes
3.prepare pan cakes (dosa )
1.vegetables(carrot,cabbage,spring onions,ordinary onion)-finely cut
2.ginger paste-1/2 tsp
3.garlic paste-1/2 tsp chilli paste-1/2 tsp(2 grren chillies)
5.ajinomotto(chinese salt)-1/2 tsp
6.salt- 1/2 tsp
7.white pepper powder-1/2 tsp
9.tomato sauce-1 tblsp
10.vinegar-1 tblsp
11.soya sauce-1 tsp
12.oil-1 or 2 tblsp
1.heat oil in a kadai,add onion ,fry ,add ginger,garlic,green chilli paste,add all the vegetables,fry for a while.
2.add tomato sauce,soya sauce,salt,pepper powder,cook till dry.
1.make thin dosas,sprinkle little maida on it ,so that it does"nt stick. it
3.fill the vegetables filling,fold it using maida batter to seal the edges
4.dip it in maida batter
5.deep fry in hot oil till golden red colour
6.cut slantly into 4 pieces and serve hot.

american chop suey

1.noodles-300gms gram sprouts-1/2 cup
3.mixed vegetables shredded-1 cup(spring onions,beans,carrot,cabbage,capsicum,)
4.tomato puree-1 1/2 cup
5.seasoning cubes(maggie) small-2
6.tomato sauce-1/4cup
7.garlic paste-1/2 tsp
8.ginger paste-1/2 tsp chillies-1/2 tsp
10.soya sauce-1 tblsp
11.vinegar-2 tblsp
12.oil-2 tblsp
13.sugar-1/2 tsp
14.ajinomotto-1/2 tsp
15.white pepper powder-1 tsp
16.shredded onions-1/2 cup
17.butter-2 tblsp
18.tandoori colour-a pinch(optional)
19.cornflour-1 tblsp or green chilli sauce-1 tblsp
1.boil noodles in lots of water,drain off water,cool it,and deep fry in oil
2.while frying gather noodles with 2 laddles and fry.should not fry to red colour 1 cup of water add seasoning cubes boil and keep
2.mix tomato sauce,tomato puree,vinegar,soya sauce,in a cup( no 2 ingredients) a pan take butter,add corn flour,fry
4.take out add sugar,maggie stock,keep it on stove and cook for 5 minutes.
5.add no 2 ingredients,cook till thick.
6.add salt(3/4 tsp),pepper,ajinomoto take out.
PART-B-METHOD a kadai,heat 2 tblsp oil,add onions ,fry for 2 minutes
2.add ginger ,garlic,green chiili paste
3.add vegetables,bean sprouts,spring onions,salt(1/2 tsp),white pepper,ajinimotto,little chilli sauce,cook till water dries
4.pour this to PART-A sauce
5.cook till it reaches to thick consistency
6.on a plate,keep crushed fried noodles,on it pour a big serving spoon of above sauce and serve immediately.

sweet and sour vegetables

1.vegetable stock -2 cups
2.maggie cubes-2
5.small piece of cucumber(cut into cubes)
7.bamboo shoots(kalale)-1/4 cup(optional)
8.oil-2 tblsp
9.sugar-1/2 cup
10.tomato sauce-5 tblsp
11.soya sauce-1 tblsp
12.vinegar-1/2 cup
13.white pepper powder-1/2 tsp
14.ajinomotto-1/2 tsp
15.corn flour-21/2 tblsp
16.water-1/4 cup
1.heat 2 tblsp of oil in a kadai,add the onions ,fry for 2 minutes
2.add the vegetables,saute for a while.and keep 2 cups of stock,add sugar,tomato sauce,soya sauce,vinegar,white pepper powder,ajinomotto,cook for 5 minutes. 1/4 cup water dissolve corn flour and add to the above mixture.
5.cook until thick
6.add fried vegetables
7.add cucumber slices remove and serve hot.

cream of sweet corn soup

1.water-6 cups
2.maggie veg cubes-1 or 2
3.sweet corn tin-1
4.white or black pepper powder-1/2 tsp(or to taste)
5.cornflour-3 tblsp
6.ajinomotto (or ordinary )salt-1/2 tsp
7.mixed finely chopped vegetables(carrot,peas,beans,cauliflower)-1 cup
1.make the stock with maggie cubes and water
2.boil the stock with sweet corn for 10 miutes
3.add pepper powder and salt
4.dissolve cornflour in 1/2 cup water and add to the above soup,boil well
5.add 1/4 cup chopped spring onions,capsicum,1/4 cup milk and serve

hakka noodles

2.thinly sliced beans -300gms(6 beans)
3.carrot shredded-1
4.cabbage shredded-1 cup
5.onion shredded-1
6.spring onion stalk-1 cup
7.bean sprouts-1 cup(optional)
8.capsicum shredded-1 or 2
9.chiili oil-1 tblsp chillies broken-3 to 4 chillies chopped-4
12.ginger garlic paste-1/2 tsp each
13.soya sauce-1 tblsp
14.tomato ketchup-1 or 2 tblsp
15.salt-to taste
16.ajinimoto-1 tsp
17.white pepper powder- 1tsp
18.oil-1/2 cup
1.boil noodles in lots of water with 1 tsp salt,1 tblsp oil for 3 minutes
2.wash the noodles under cold running water
3.drain well
4.apply 1 or 2 tblsp oil and keep aside
5.heat 1/4 cup oil in a kadai,fry noodles for 5 minutes till crunchy
6.heat 1/4 cup oil in a kadai or pan,add onions,ginger garlic paste ,green chillies,red chillies,fry for a while
7.add all the vegetables fry for a minute
8.add chilli oil,add fried noodles,add soya sauce,tomato ketchup,salt,white pepper ,saute well in high flame
9.serve with chilli sauce,chillies in vinegar,
1.add 1 tblsp of sambar or rasam powder in 1/4 cup hot oil
2.leave for 1 hour
3.strain it
4.or you can buy the ready one

Vegetable Noodles

1.noodles-2 cups
2.white pepper powder-1 tsp
3.soya sauce-1 tsp
4.tomato sauce-2 tsps
5.ginger garlic paste-1 tsp chillies-2 finely chopped
7.salt to taste
8.oil-2 tblsp
4.cabbage-1 cup
5.spring onion-few
1.boil noodles in lots of water for 3 minutes with salt and oil
2.when noodles are soft drain off water,wash under cold running water,apply 2 tblsp of oil and keep
3.heat oil in a kadai add onion,ginger garlic paste,green chillies and fry
4.add vegetables and fry for a while
5.add pepper powder salt,fry
6.add noodles stirr well with 2 laddles
7.finally add soya and tomato sauces mix well serve hotl

Vegetable Fried Rice

1.basumathi or raw rice or jeera rice-1/2 kg
2.white pepper powder-1 tsp chilles-2
4.ginger garlic paste-4 tsp
5.soya sauce-2 tsps
6.ajinomotto-1 tsp
7.vinegar-1 tblsp
8.salt-to taste
9.oil-1/2 cup
3.beans-1 /2cup
5.peas-1/2 cup
6.cauliflower-1/2 cup
7.cabbage-1/2 cup
8.spring onions-1/2 cup
1.cut all the vegetables (like for palya)
2.wash and make rice by keeping lots of water and drain,spread on a plate
3.allow to cool
4.heat oil in a kadai add onion , ginger garlic paste,green chille and other vegetables fry for a while
5.sprinkle very little water and close the lid
6.when vegetables are soft add pepper powder,,salt
7.mix well and add soya sauce.vinegar
8.add rice
9.mix everything on high flame, till rice becomes hot ,lastly add spring onions
10.serve hot

Ganji Anna

1.rice-2 cups
2.water-6 cups
3.curd-1/2 cup
4.fresh grated coconut-2 tblsp chilles-2
6.jeera-1 tblsp
7.ginger-1tblsp( grated)
8.sasivae-1 tsp pepper powder-1 tsp
10.curry leaves-few
11.corriander leaves-few
12.ghee-1 tblsp
1.cook rice adding 6 cups of water in a pressure cooker ,rice should be very soft a kadai ,heat ghee,add sasivae,jeera,when it stops spluttering add green chilles,pepper powder,ginger. add curry and corriander leaves,coconut mix with rice
4.then finally add curd ,boil on low flame, can add little water if necessary.
5.anna (rice )should be watery.

Mosarrana Curd Rice

1.rice-1 cup
2.curd-5 to 6 cups
3.milk(cream milk)-1 cup
4.ginger-1'' piece(grated) chilles-5
6.fresh grated coconut-1 to 2 tblsp
7.curry leaves-few
8.corriander leaves-few
9.salt to taste
1.dalimbae seeds(pomegranate)
ghee-1 tblsp
sasivae-1 tsp
green chilles-finely cut

1.cook rice in pressure cooker adding more water ,rice should be soft the rice
3.add milk ,curd ,salt to the cooled rice ,mix with hand
4.heat ghee in a oggarane spoon add sasivae ,green chilles.fry till done
5.add that seasoning to rice add ginger,coconut,curry and corriander leaves to the rice
7.mix well
8.add grapes or pomegranate seeds
9.mix well serve cool

Khara pongal

2.hesaru belle (moong dhal)-1/2 cup
3.ghee-3 tblsp
4.cashew nuts (goDambi)-6 to 8
5.salt to taste
seasoning pepper powder-1 tsp
3.ginger-1 inch piece
4.curry leaves-few
1.cook rice and dhal together in pressure cooker with 4 1/2 cups of water. a kadai, heat 2 tblsps of ghee ,fry cashew nuts remove it the same kadai, add the seasonings, fry for 1 min
4.pour the seasoning to rice dhal mix add salt and cashew .mix well
5.add 1 tblsp of ghee

Hulianna (puLiogre)

2.hunase gojju-1or2 tblsp
3.menasina pudi- 1tsp
4.oil -1tsp
5.salt-to taste
6.curry leaves-few
1.oil-2 tblsp
4.kadale belle-1tblp
5.uddina belle-1tblsp
6.Red chillies-2
7.Hing powder- 1/2 tea spoon
8.Ground nut -3 table spoon.
9.Haldi- 1 tsp
1.cook rice in pressure cooker and cool it by spreading it in broad basin
2.Add oil, menasina pudi, the cooled rice Mix well
3.Add Hunse goggu. Mix well
4.Put curry leaves over the rice, pour the seasonings
heat oil in a kadai add sasivae, jeera,ground nut ,kaddale belle,uddina belle,red chilles,hing,haldi, fry till ground nut is done
pour over rice mix well


1.rice-1 cup
3.salt to taste
4.haldi-1/2 tsp chilles-6 to 7
6.oil 2 -tblsp
7.fresh grated coconut-2 tblsp
8.curry leaves -few
9.corriander leaves-few
optional-capsicum, green peas-1/4 cup,soppu sigae soppu

3.kadale belle-1 tblsp
4.uddina belle-2tblsp
5.ground nut-2 tblsp
1.cook rice in a pressure cooker in a broad basin
3.heat oil in a kadai, fry the seasonings ,add green chilles
4.add curry leaves also
5.pour over rice,add salt add haldi, mix well
6.add lemon juice,coconut grated, corriander leaves
7.mix well

Mavina Kayi Anna

1.rice-1 cup
2.sour green mango-1 chilles-8
4.menthya seeds-1 tblsps
5.grated fresh coconut-2 tblsp
6.oil-2 tblsp
7.turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
8.salt to taste
9.sugar-2 tsp
10.curry leaves-few
1.sasivae(mustard seeds)-1 tsp
2.jeera-1/2 tsp
3.kadalle belle-1 tblsp
4.uddina belle-1 tblsp
5.asafoteida-1/4 tsp
6.ground nuts-2 to 3 tblsp
scrape the outer skin from mango and grate it.

1.fry menthya seeds and chiiles till brown
2.add coconut,grated mango,grind together in a mixy without adding water ,grind coarsely
3.cook rice and cool in a basin
4.heat oil in a kadai,add the seasonings,curry leaves,fry till done
5.add ground mix ,turmeric powder ,salt ,sugar fry till oil seaparetes
6.pour over rice ,mix well

Kayi Anna

1.rice-1 cup
2.grated fresh coconut-1 cup
3.pure ghee-2 tblsps
4.salt as required
5.curry and corriander leaves-few
1.sasivae(mustard seeds)-1 tsp
2.kadale belle-1 tblsp
3.uddina belle-1 tblsp
4.broken red chilles-4
5.finely cut green chilles-3
6.cashew nuts-1 tblsp(cut into small pieces)
1.cook rice in a pressure cooker.allow to cool
2.add salt,and a tsp of ghee to that rice and mix it well
1.heat ghee in a oggarane spoon or small kadai,add the seasonings,curry leaves,add coconut fry for 2 minutes.
2.add to the rice.add corriander leaves mix well
3.can serve this rice with raitha

Ghee Rice

1.basumathi or ordinary rice-1 cup
2.water-2 cups
3.mixed vegetables(carrot,green peas,beans,cauliflower,capsicum,onions(2),potato)-handfull each cut into 2'' long pieces
4.pure ghee-3 to 4 tblsps
6.bay leaf-1
7.dalchini-1'' piece
8.jeera-1 tsp
10.pepper corns-3 to 4
11.cashew nut-6
2.curry and corriander leaves-few
1.wash rice
2.heat ghee in a pressure cooker
3.add cloves,bay leaf,dalchini,jeera,cardamom,pepper,cashew nuts,fry for a minute
4.add vegetables fry for 5 minutes
5.add rice,fry for a while
6.add water,salt when its start boiling ,close the cooker lid
7.pressure cook for 10 to 12 minutes or till done
8.add lemon juice ,garnish with corriander leaves
9.serve hot with raitha

Jeera rice

1.rice-1 cup
2.fresh grated coconut-1/2 cup pepper powder-1 tsp
4.jeerigae-2 tsp
5.ghee-2 tblsp
6.curry leaves-few
7.peas-1/2 cup
8.salt to taste
1.cook rice in a pressure cooker
2.heat ghee in a kadai ,add jeerige ,pepper ,curry leaves fry for 2 mins
3.add coconut, boiled peas and salt, fry for a few seconds
4.add rice and mix well.
can add fried godambi(cashew nut) -fried in ghee


1.rice-1 cup
2.palak-2 bundles chilles-3 -slit it
4.onoin-2 -cut into small pieces
5.peas-1/2 cup( cooked)
6.tomatoes-3 finely cut
7.fresh grated coconut-2 tblsp chilles-7
9.dhania(coriander seeds)-2 tsp
10.godambi-2 tblsp
11.oil-3 tblsp
12.bay leaf-1
13.dalchini-1 inch piece
1.cook rice in a pressure cooker, cool it by spreading on a bowl. a kadai heat 1 tsp of oil, fry palak .for few minutes.
3.fry red chilles,corriander seeds in little oil in a oggarane spoon
4.grind it with coconut godambi,cooked palak
5.heat oil in a kadai add bay leaf,dalchini,lavanga fry for a min
6.add green chilles onion and tomatoes fry for few mins
7.add ground masala and fry well till good smell comes
8.mix rice and salt ,add peas also.
9.fry in high flame till rice becomes hot
10.add fried godambi serve with raitha

Vegetable Palav

1.basumathi rice-1cup
4.peas-1/4 cup
9.bay leaf-2(palav elle)-
10.ghee-3 tblsp
11.dalchini-1 small piece
12.lavanga-2 elaichi-1
14.jeera-2 tblsp
15.onion-1 chilles-2
17.fresh grated coconut-1cup

1.Wash rice and soak for 10 mins
2.drain water from rice fry rice with ghee
3.fry all the vegetables a cooker add 3 tblsp of oil.
5.add bay leaf jeera,lavanga,dalchini,elaki,green chilles(whole) fry for a minute.
6.add onion,tomato,vegetables,coconut,salt ,sugar,fry for 3 minutes
7.add rice
8.mix well
9.add 2 cups of water mix well
10.let it boil
11.close pressure cooker lid
12.reduce flame and don't put cooker weight.
13.Wait till rice fully cooks
14.take out when its cool mix gently
15.Add dhrakshi, Godambi fried in ghee

Avalakki bisibelebath

1.hesaru belle(moong dhal)-1 cup
2.avalakki(beaten rice)-2 to 3 cups
3.huli pudi or bisibelle bath pudi-1 tblsp
4.vegetables-carrot,beans,peas,onion ,cabbage.
6.kadale kayi bija(ground nut)-1 tblsp
7.tamarind paste-1 tsp
8.kobbari(dry coconut)-2 tblsp
9.haldi-1/2 tsp
1.oil- 2 tblsp
2.sasivae(mustard seeds)- 1 tsp
4.hing- 1/2 tsp
5.curry leaves-few chilles-2
1.boil hesaru belle adding little water and a pinch of haldi in pressure cooker
2.boil vegetables also in cooker in a separate container a kadai ,heat oil ,add seasoning one by one,when its stop spluttering, add boiled belle,add vegetables mix well
4.add huli pudi ,tamarind paste mix well
5.and also add kobbari ,salt , sugar-mix well
6.finally add avalakki ,just mix it for 2 mins turn off the gas(stove)
no need to soak avalakki in water


1.rice-1/2 cup
2.togari belle(tuar dhal)-1/2 cup
3.haldi(turmeric)- 1/2 tsp
~avare kallu

1.ground nuts-1 tblsp
2.tamarind -paste -1/2 tsp
3.bisi belle bath powder-4 to 5tsp
4.oil- 2 tsp
5.ghee-1 tblsp
6.cashew nuts-10 (fried) in ghee
7.kobbari(dry coconut powder)-1 tblsp
Method a pressure cooker take washed togari belle ,add haldi and oil to it.
2.let it boil for 5 mins
3.then add vegetables , onion,tomato.
4.add ground nut ,tamarind paste.stir it
5.then add bisibelle bath powder
6.add kobbari,salt ,sugar
7.mix well let it boil then close the cooker lid
8.turn off the flame upon one whistle.
9.add seasoning as below
heat ghee in a oggarane spoon add

1.sasivae(mustard seeds)-1 tsp,
2.jeera -1tsp, chilles -1or 2
4.hing-1/2 tsp
5.curry leaves-few
when done pour over hot bisi belle bath
add fried cashew nuts mix well.

Mint (pudina) bath

4.carrot-2 leaves-1 bunch chilles-5to 6
7.ginger-1/2 '' piece
9.lemon juice-2 tblsp
10.oil-3 to4 tblsp
12.fresh grated coconut-1/2 cup
1.make rice in cooker cool it by spreading it in a basin
2.boil peas also
1.mean while grind,mint leaves,green chilles,ginger, jeerigae, coconut(donot add water)(or can add coconut separetly without grinding) a kadai heat oil ,add carrot alu pieccs,fry
3.add peas,ground masala haldi salt,sugar fry well
4.add lemon juice mix well
5.take out from gas,add rice mix well.

Tomato Onion Bhath

1.tomatoes-4 to 5 (big ones)
2.onion-5 to 6 (big ones)
1.rice-1 paavu
3.dalchini-2'' pieces
4.jeera- 1 tblsp chilles-2(slit length wise)
2.ginger-garlic paste-1 tblsp chilli powder-1 tsp
2.garam masala powder- 1 tsp
3.ghee- a little
4.oil-2 to 3 tblsp
1.water -1 1/4 paavu
1.wash and soak rice for 10 minutes,strain it
2.peel onions,and cut onions and tomatoes into small pieces
3.heat oil in a pressure cooker,add jeera,lavanga,dalchini,
4.then add ginger garlic paste,green chilles,and onions fry for a while add tomatoes,powder masalas,salt ,ghee.
5.add water,when it starts boiling add rice
6.close the cooker lid and cook till done or cook for 1 whistle
7.remove the lid,and mix care fully and serve hot.

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