Saturday, January 2, 2010

KaaL Akki Rotti

1.rice flour-2 cups
2.jeera-2 tsp pepper powder-1 tsp
4.coconut-1 cup
5.salt to taste
6.water-1 cup chilles-2 finely cut
8.corriander leaves-few
avare kallu-1 cup
alasandae kallu

1.boil the kallu in pressure cooker
2.mix rice powder,jeera,pepper powder,green chilles,corriander leaves,coconut,salt in broad bowl
3.mix well with hand
4.add kallu & mix. add boiled water over rice flour mix
6.knead well to soft dough
7.grease tawa
8.take a handfull of hittu spread over tawa
9.put oil around rotti cover & fry on one side
10.when done take out carefully

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