Saturday, January 2, 2010


1.hesaru belle or kadale belle-1/2 cup chilles-3 to 4
3.fresh grated coconut-2 to 4 tblsp
4.lemon -1
5.cucumber or carrot or mavina kayi-(finely chopped)-1 cup
6.corriander leaves-few -(finely chopped)
7.salt-to taste
1.oil-2 tsp
2.sasivae-1 tsp
3.hing-1 pinch
1.wash and soak the belle in water for 1 hour
2.drain water completely.
3.heat oil in a oggarane spoon,add sasivae,finely chopped green chilles.
4.add coconut,salt,corriander leaves,cucumber to the belle
5.add hing ,pour oggarane to the above belle
6.add lemon juice
7.mix well with hand.
if you add mavina kayi pieces no need to add lemon juice

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