Saturday, January 2, 2010

Pineapple Gojju

1.pineapple-1 small
2.kadale belle-11/2 tsp
3.uddina belle-11/2 tsp
4.menthya-1/2 tblsp
5.hing-1 small grannule
7.jeera-3/4 tsp chilles-6 to 8
9.til-3 tsp
10.menthya seeds-1/2 tsp
11.dalchini-1'' piece
12.bella-2 lemon size
13.coconut and kobbari-1/2 cup
curry leaves -few

1.fry all ingredients except bella,coconut pineapple
2.powder it in a mixy
3.grind the powder along with coconut in a mixy
4.heat 2 tblsp of oil in a kadai add 1tsp of sasivae when its splutters add pineapple pieces
5.fry for 2 seconds
6.add ground mixture/salt boil well till you get gojju consistency
can add gojju powder-2 to 3 tblsp

can do "ona drakshi(raisins)" gojju,same as above
only thing soak" half cup of drakshi,"in little water for 2 hours

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