Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bendae Kayi Gojju

1.bendae kayi(bindi)-1/4 kg
2.tamarind-lemon size soaked
3.jagerry-lemon size
4.curry leaves-few
5.arishina-1 tsp
6.oil-2 tblsp
7.sasivae-1 tsp
8.jeera-1 tsp
ingredients for powder
1.kadale belle-2 tblsp
2.uddina belle-1 tblsp
3.jeerigae-2 tsp
4.menthya seeds-1 tsp
5.corriander seeds-1 tsp chilles-5 to 6
7.pepper corns-4 to5
8.yellu(til)-2 tsp
9.hing-a small grannule
10.fry all these things adding a tsp of oil powder it in a mixy
11.grind this powder with coconut
1.wash bendae kayi cut into round pieces
2.heat oil in kadai,add sasivae ,jeera,curry leaves
3.add bendae kayi pieces,fry for a while,add tamarind juice,so that it won't become sticky
4.after its soft add ground paste ,salt ,boil well till you get gojju consistency

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