Saturday, January 2, 2010


1.local ravaa (uppuma rava)-2 cups
2.onion-3-(cut length wise or finely) chilles-8to 9(depending on your taste)(cut length wise or round )
5.curry,corriander leaves-few
6.water-41/2 cups
7.salt to taste
8.turmeric powder-1 tsp
9.fresh grated coconut-2 to 3 tblsps
10.sugar-2 tsp
1.sasivae(mustard)-1 tsp
2.jeera-1/2 tsp
3.kadale belle(bengal gram dhal)-1 tblsp
4.uddina belle(black gram dhal)-1 tblsp
5.broken cashew nuts-2 tblsps
6.oil-1/4 cup
7.pure ghee-2 tsp
1.fry rava in a medium flame till light brown
2.heat oil in a bandale(deep round pan),add seasonings,chilles,onion,curry leaves fry for a while
3.lower the flame,pour water,add salt,sugar,turmeric powder
4.when the water boils,add rava
5.close with a lid
6.when the moisture is absorbed and uppittu is cooked ,add lemon juice,coconut,corriander leaves
7.finely add pure ghee
8.remove from fire
add vegetables,like beans,carrot,aloo,tomato,peas,avare kallu etc

for" rice rava uppittu",have to take 6 cups water,add 2 or 3 green chilles more
rest of the method is same as above

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