Saturday, January 2, 2010


1.togari belle(tuvar dhal)-1/2 cup
2.ground nut(kadale kayi bija)-3 tblsp
3.fresh coconut,dry kobbari-1/2 cup(half,half each)
4.koottu pudi-2 tblsp
5.bella(jagerry)-2 lemon size
6.salt to taste
3.gori kayi
4.seamae badane
5.avare kallu
6.navilu kosu
7.padavala kayi
8.sabasigae soppu
1.ghee-1 tblsp
2.sasivae(mustard seeds)-1 tsp
3.jeera-1/2 tsp
4.hing-1 pinch
1.wash and cut all the vegetables
2.boil togari belle,ground nut,in a pressure cooker by adding haldi. a separate container keep vegetables in cooker do not add much water,boil
4.grind coconut ,koottu pudi together in a mixy a kadai take boiled belle ,vegetables add salt
6.add ground paste,curry leaves ,bella,mix well
7.add little water if needed till you get koottu consistency boil well
8.heat ghee in a oggaranae spoon add the seasonings one by one ,when its stops spluttering ,pour seasonings over koottu

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