Friday, December 25, 2009

Vegetable Roti or Masala Roti

This is an extremely tasty food and makes good use of left over steamed rice.

1. Steamed rice - 1 large cup
2. Papdi Lilva or peas or any such legume - 1 large cup
3. Carrot - 1 large
4. Onions - 2 Large
5. Green chillies - 10
6. Curry leaves - 10
7. Rice flour - 3 large cups
8. Salt to taste
9. Vegetable Oil for roasting rotis
10. Ghee

Put the steamed rice into a blender and add half cup water and blend well and transfer to a large container.
Grate carrot, finely chop onions and put it into the blended rice. Add peas to it.
In a small blender, blend Green chillies and curryleaves and add it to rice and mix well.
Add salt and some rice flour and knead well to form a dough of pizza dough consistency.
Make a handful ball out of the rice flour and flatten it between your palms. On a thin plastic sheet apply oil and pat the rice flour with your hand to form a thin round sheet.
Heat a flat pan and add a tea spoon oil, carefully transfer the thin rice flour sheet on the pan and roast both sides adding little oil to both sides.
Enjoy Vegetable rotis with a dollop of ghee and mint chutney !

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