Friday, December 25, 2009

Bili Holige (Rice flour stuffed in All purpose flour)

Bili Holige is a bit time consuming dish, but its worth all the effort as the taste is unmatched.

1. All purpose flour - 1 large cup
2. Rice flour - 2 large cups
3. Salt - 1 tablespoon
4. Oil - 4 tablespoon

Add water to all purpose flour (Maida), add 1 tablespoon salt and knead to form a dough slightly thinner than a pizza or chapathi dough.
In a separate container, add 3 large cups of water, 1 tablespoon salt and a handful of rice flour and mix well and bring it to boil.
Add remaining rice flour and boil for 5 mins without mixing the rice flour added.
Turn off the flame and stir the rice flour well to form a dough of pizza or chapathi dough consistency.
Now, take half handful of all purpose flour dough and stretch it in a circular manner on your palm to fill your palm.
Make a handful ball of the rice lour and place it in the center of the stretched maida dough and cover up the entire rice ball flour with the stretched maida flour dough, further stretching.
Make sure the maida flour doesnt tear open anywhere.
Now flatten the stuffed ball between your palms and using a rolling pin, or with your hands make a thin circular sheet of the ball and roast its both its sides on a large pan adding a tea spoon oil on either side.

Bili Holige is ready to be savoured with potato palya or vegetable sagu or chutney.

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