Saturday, December 26, 2009

Coconut Rice


2 cups raw rice, wash, cook such that each grain is separate

10-12 fresh curry leaves

1 cup grated fresh coconut

salt to taste

For poppu/tadka/seasoning:

1 tbsp coconut oil OR 1/2 tbsp oil+ 1/2 tbsp ghee

1 tbsp channa dal

1 tsp urad dal

1 1/2 tbsps broken cashew nuts

1/2 tsp mustard seeds

3/4 tsp cumin seeds

1/4 tsp asafoetida

3-4 green chillis, slit lengthwise

1 dry red chilli, tear and de-seed (optional)

7-8 fresh curry leaves

1 Spread the cooked rice on a wide plate and allow to cool. Season with salt and add fresh curry leaves. Keep aside.
2 Heat coconut oil OR oil+ghee in a vessel, add mustard seeds and as they jump around, add the cumin seeds, urad dal, channa dal and cashewnuts allow them to turn red. Add the red chilli, green chillis, curry leaves and asafoetida and roast for a few secs. Add grated coconut and combine and saute for 2-3 mts on low flame. Turn off heat.
3 Add the seasoning to the rice and combine well.
4 Serve hot with any curry of your choice or with just pickle and appadam.

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